Multi-media artist Grace Sylke is having an art show at the famous
Sawdust Art Festival!

At the Sawdust Art Feastival, there are lots of interactive activities, classes and demonstrations going on coupled with
entertainment and inspiring art.  And be sure to drop by Booth #345 and see

Food! There's lots of it being offered at the Sawdust Art Festival so if you're traveling or lucky enough to be living in the
Southern California area, plan to lunch in Laguna Beach with 200 Artists who have been sharing their vision of the world
for over 35 years in a eucalyptus grove they magically turn into the
Sawdust Art Festival every summer.  

While her photography, “Through The Eyes Of Grace”, is being viewed by thousands of tourists visiting the
Sawdust Art Festival* in Laguna Beach, CA, Grace Sylke and her partner Oliver Duffy are madly filling orders for their
compact food growing systems that utilize a little known technology called

For Grace, it's a wild ride symbolized by her two-sided card that advertises both of her businesses.  One minute she's
processing and printing one of her beautiful photos through her favorite program, Adobe Photoshop, and the next she's
answering tech support calls from one of the customers who wants to know how many fish to put
in their compact food growing system fish tank.

"I'm always going to be an Artist," she says.  "No matter what else is happening in my life. That's who I am. I just had
no idea how fast our
Aquaponics business was going to take off.  These are crazy times and people are realizing they
need to be Food Independent. So, for the next two months while the
Sawdust Art Festival runs, from June 26th to August
30th, I'm just going to have to put on more hats."

Grace won't even be at the
Sawdust Art Festival this weekend until Sunday because the Managing Director and his
assistant from the German company that makes the best grow media (it takes the place of soil) on the market for
Hydroponics, called
Hydroton, is coming from Germany to see the AquponicsUSA systems and greenhouse in
preparation for launching a new grow media just for aquaponics. "That's what we call a high-class problem," says
Grace's partner, Oliver Duffy. "We've stepped into one of the only growing (pun intended) markets in the US right now-
self sustainable food."

Have an adventurous summer,

    *The Sawdust Festival is celebrating it's 37th Year or so.  It runs from  June 26 -
    August 30
    935 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Bch CA Open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM.

    *Aquaponics is the marriage of hydroponics (growing veggies without soil) and aqua
    culture (farming fish). These two technologies blend to create a natural eco system
    where the water is shared and recirculated  between the vegetable grow bed and the
    fish tank. The fish waste provides the fertilizer for the veggies and the veggies clean
    the water for the fish.  It's water conservation agriculture at its best; and it produces
    organic food without the need of land, pesticides or fertilizers.

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