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by Grant Cardone

Selling is now the most essential part of any business, and if you aren't willing to embrace this fact you will experience hell in the
marketplace. Most companies have cut back as much as they can and find themselves at a place where they can cut no further. Wall
Street has recently rewarded companies because of their cost cutting but the next round of rewards will only be entitled to those that
can increase sales revenues and ring the register. And now you are going to have to to do it without the help of government-sponsored

The companies and individuals that will prove to be most valuable are those that can actually sell their products and services without the
help of short-term programs, government stimulus and gimmicks. Motivated and trained sales forces and management that focuses on
how to generate prospects and effectively sell their products will survive and become the darlings of the market place.

Cash for Clunkers may have created a short-term spike in sales but it leaves the participants with a false sense of recovery. Like giving
methadone to a smack junkie, you still have a junkie. That brings us to the real problem--businesses and individuals don't know how to
generate business without stimulus.

But don't be dismayed, people are still buying goods and services. The questions today are (1) where are the buyers and (2) how do I
get my product in front of them? The people are still buying, it's your job to find them and sell them. If someone had a lease reaching
maturity they will have to buy a new car, recession or no recession. If they need a new roof on their house they are going to replace it or
repair it regardless of the economy. The question today is how to find those people who are able and willing and in need of a purchase
without the help of some unsustainable program. The days of businesses  and sales forces wasting their abundant amounts of leads
and prospects are over.

Which business would you rather be?

(A) Last month was incredible and none of our transactions were stimulus programs


(B) Last month was great and most of it was stimulus money.

Oh by the way, in answer (B) the company is still waiting for their money from the government. Now, like in no other time before,
companies must start with their people learning how to generate leads not just waiting until they show up for the 'big sale'. Selling today
literally starts with the creation of the business in the first place. This requires a creative think about how to identify who is in need of
your products or services, who is qualified to buy and how to get your product or service in front of them.

You must:
(1) Break your dependence upon stimulus programs,
(2) Think outside the box
(3) Become willing to do what your competition will not do
(4) Learn a lost skill set.

Regardless of the product or service your company represents, real selling skills are the most important skill set in business today. It is
not gimmicks, incentives or government programs that will see you through, and it certainly isn't cost-cutting. Make selling the number
one priority of the CEO, the management and every person that works within the company. Whether you are in mortgages, real estate,
autos, furniture, technology, financial planning, banking, accounting, law, advertising, consumer retail, health care, grocery or whatever,
know that first and foremost your company depends on selling for its survival more than any other skills. Even if you make the best
product in the world you will still have to activate someone to be interested in it and then sell that product in order to Survive in the
market place.

Grant Cardone is a speaker, author, sales trainer and CEO of Cardone Training Technologies. Author of Sell To
Survive and other Audio, Video, and training programs, for more information on Mr. Cardone visit

Grant Cardone, Author of "Sell to Survive".      800-368-5771

Cardone Training Technologies, Inc. •6767 Neptune Place • La Jolla, CA 92037
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