Hey Carl ... so, I have a confession and it's not a good one. It's about "judging" people and even though we all do it from time
to time, I recently did it to a friend of mine and I felt horrible because I didn't believe her.

I have this one friend who is always making "excuses" as to why she doesn't get anything done. Work related projects are
always late, she rarely goes to the gym and basically, she's never "motivated" to do anything.

It's like
her life is just passing her by, as she just gets older and older...

I kept thinking she's just lazy. She's always giving me some lame excuse, "I'm tired" or "I'm just not in the mood", etc., etc.

To make a long story, short - even though she does eat well, her doctor said
her adrenal glands are burned out from all the
caffeine and "energy drinks" she's been having for the past few months.

So, here's what she did. First, she
got off all caffeine products (coffee, energy drinks, soda, etc.). Then, she started taking
Natural Energy daily, to help give her safe long-term natural energy for both physical energy and mental clarity..

She also started her day with 2 big glasses of filtered water every morning (that's when she took her
Natural Energy).

After 3 weeks, she's not only
lost 6 lbs, but her sleep has improved and now she DOES have energy to exercise, enjoy her
life and get more work done.

Her entire outlook on life is just so much better and more positive! ... Something that we all need these days, because of the
bad economy and extra money stress.

I felt bad that I judged her. I thought she was just being lazy all the time with her excuses. But, as it turned out, she really was
TIRED from the burn out of poor sleep and relying on caffeine during the day.

If you or someone you know needs extra energy, you might consider trying
Natural Energy... At the very least, reduce or
eliminate the caffeine products.

Do You Want More Energy Too?
Go H E R E

Warmest Regards,
Dr. Sam =)
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