Happiness and Health                                        11/30/12

I have read several articles regarding this aspect of life. They are all correct
and good articles. But they overlook the cause point of happiness and health,

The articles point out the correlation between being happy and having good
health. They all neglect how this is accomplished! What do YOU have to do
with your own happiness and health?

What Can YOU Do?

First I have to ask, does the environment create your happiness or do you?
Another way of phrasing that is are you cause or is the environment?

If you are not creating your environment, your happiness, your health, you are
at effect! That sucks!

So what can you do? You can start creating your life, your environment!

Which cause What, Happiness or Health?

Have you noticed that happy people are rarely ill? Have you seen really ill
people that were happy? Duh!

So which causes which? Does lack of happiness cause illness or does illness
cause unhappiness?

That goes back to the question I posed above. Are you cause over you
environment or the effect of it?

Your Body IS Part of Your Environment!

Where do your emotions come from?

Do you create the emotions of the body? Does the body create its emotions?
Or does the environment create the emotions of the body?

Apparently in the homo sapien type body, it can be a combination of all three

Hormones can effect mood. An ugly or pretty environment can effect mood.
And last but not lease YOU can effect mood.

In fact, YOU ARE THE major source of emotions. The body is yours and you
can over rule it. When it tries to feel upset, you do not have to go into
agreement with it and become effect of it.

Whether the environment is pretty, ugly, rainy and over cast or sunny will only
create emotions in you if you let it.

Factually you create your emotions regardless of what the body is doing or

My body can feel achy and I feel great. I am not my body.

Do Emotions Effect the Health of Your Body?

Emotions do effect the body!

As I mentioned above, happy people are rarely ill. Angry, covert, fearful, griefy
and apathetic people are constantly ill.

What if an angry person decided to never be angry any more? What if they
decide they are just going to be cheerful? I bet they would become healthier
over night!

Low toned people do not care what they eat. Low toned people seek relief by
taking drugs and or alcohol. These toxins keep the body stressed.

When a body is stressed from toxins like drugs, sugar, GMO, artificial
sweeteners, etc, it produces cortisol. When cortisol is in your system, the body
can not produce growth hormones which it uses to repair!

Hence low toned people are ill constantly!

See article
Emotional Tone Scale...click here!

Immediate Mechanical Solution

All this is good data but what can you do to change?

The first thing would be to force yourself to go for a walk. If you have difficulty
walking, start out slowly. Consult your doctor if you have any questions.

If you are healthy enough, do a half hour at a good rapid pace.

I'm not an exercise expert. When I walk, I walk fast, then I hit a hill, I will be
breathing heavily as if I were running. You must determine a pace good for
you. See my disclaimer on the lower right hand panel.

I operate at cause over my body. I command it.

Next Idea

If you have decided to improve your own health, the walks is a must. You'll find
you're happier because you've made something happen!

While your walking, and all the rest of the day and night, find beauty around
you. Find something you can admire. If you see a flower or a bird, admire it.
Feel the beauty.

As a man, when I get a pretty girl to smile at me, I'm happier right then and
there :-)

You may find the flowers are just as beautiful now as they were when you
were a kid!

Try Creating Emotions

As I stated above you actually create your emotions or allow them or agree
with them. Try creating positive emotions. Disagree with negative emotions.

Lose the negative people in your environment. See my article
Who Has

Improve Your Diet

That would be the subject of a whole lengthy series of articles. I'd be happy to
coach you. I do accept donations!

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