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I just received two wonderful testimonials from two of my songwriting correspondence course graduates. The first one has taken my
course 5 times. The second one recently finished taking it once. They’re both from New York , interestingly enough.  Please read them if
you have a minute, and send this along to anyone you think might benefit from doing my online class. We have a lot of fun and I get to
know people all over the world—people I never meet!

From a long-time online student:

I have been studying with Harriet for almost 3 years now.  Her songs show a deep understanding of musical and lyrical form as well as
life. If you have heard her song "My Heart" you'll know this is true!  I have studied with many music teachers and I know Harriet has an
exceptional ability to teach.  Before I met her I had studied with some local New York composition teachers.  I was so burnt out I didn't
know if I could continue songwriting.  Since I started her correspondence course, I feel passionate again about songwriting and focused
every day.  She is an intellectual and a problem solver.  I knew that early on when I read her book "becoming remarkable."  She has a
sixth sense of where I am and what I need from her as a teacher as we develop my songs by email.  I email my lessons when I feel ready
and it is such a joy to get feedback that keeps me going in the direction I want to go in.  We only met once at "Missouri Waltz" a musical
featuring her songs, but she has become an inspiration to me every day.  It is still amazing to me that through email we can have
relationships and meet people all over the world. If you are passionate about songwriting, don't pass up the chance to study with Harriet

Marian Weiner, Owner of Poppa's Music Music Inc., songwriter, Mineola , New York

From a recent online course graduate:

For the sake of every unfulfilled song idea I’ve had in the past, for every moment where I’d previously wondered and wondered whether a
thought might have the goods to lead to a song, even jotted down that line or two without having had in the past the technique or direction
to get the song done, I am so glad to have taken this course and learned this step-by-step system for letting songs come into being.

Even with only three months under my belt, getting started on a song is no longer about flailing around hoping against hope that it all
comes together.  I now know how to proceed systematically while being fanciful and creative. I’ve seen firsthand that while “steps” and
“structure” are words that suggest order, they actually turn out to be words that are liberating for the creative mind when it comes to these
particular steps and this particular structure.

My personality tends to be about keeping myself open to possibilities and opportunities, and the course has – to me, most importantly -
opened my mind to recognizing and implementing opportunities to create songs by making the line from idea to first draft less of a

My agent has already recognized the improvement in the impact of my lyrics especially, and after marketing me only as a scriptwriter for
a long time, has already started taking steps towards positioning me as a songwriter as well!

I had thought of waiting until I had a chance to take this course in person.  But I am now so glad I seized the opportunity during a brief
calm period at the office.  The process of using mail and email turned out to be a snap, and even had an extra benefit of letting me
proceed at my own pace on the occasions that it was useful to do so!  With Harriet's personal guidance feeling as direct and personal as
it would in a classroom setting, you know you’re in this together, that she cares as much as you do about her time-tested-and-proven  
process and program working for you.

- Fred Landau, tax attorney & theater writer in New York , NY

Learn this highly acclaimed step-by-step method of getting to the next level in your songwriting.

Harriet Schock is a renowned teacher of songwriting as well as a consultant to songwriters all over the world. She teaches a step-by-
step method that enables songwriters to become remarkable at writing songs -- songs that touch people emotionally. And Harriet
doesn't simply coach a student through the writing of one song. She teaches a technique that students can use now and in the future to
make every single song the very best it can be. Every muscle of songwriting gets exercised. The ten-week course consists of lessons,
which create a solid foundation for writing songs effortlessly. Problems such as beginning a song and not knowing how to finish it,
unclear or illogical lyrics, lack of response from listeners, weak melody, less than compelling harmony, and other difficulties, such as
writer’s block, that can plague songwriters seem to vanish when a writer uses the system taught in Harriet's course. Harriet has taught
classes for USC, the Songwriters Guild of America, and Nashville Songwriters Association International.

Harriet Schock is a gold and platinum songwriter/recording artist whose songs have been recorded by numerous artists, nominated for a
Grammy and used in films. Her fourth, fifth and sixth solo CDs, "American Romance," "Rosebud" and "Harriet Schock Live" are in
current release, as well as her book, BECOMING REMARKABLE: For Songwriters and Those Who Love Songs, published by Blue
Dolphin. Harriet’s upcoming CD “Breakdown On Memory Lane” will be released this year. She wrote all the music for Henry Jaglom's
film, "Going Shopping" and scored his, "Hollywood Dreams." On June 19th, the Jaglom film, "Irene In Time" was released to rave
reviews. Harriet wrote four songs and performs them with her band on camera in the film.  Jeannie Kendall recorded two of Harriet’s
songs, one of which ("You Just Don't Get Me, Do You?") was nominated for AC/Hot AC Single of the Year by New Music Weekly
magazine in 2006. She also co-wrote the theme song for the multi Emmy-award winning series, “Jakers!” As well as performing
worldwide, Harriet Schock speaks, teaches and consults in person and via the Internet. She teaches an in-person 10-week class and a
correspondence course in songwriting to writers all over the world. She is also available for private consultation.  For further information
about her book, CDs, concerts, online courses, classes or consultation, go to, or call (323) 934-5691.

Harriet Schock
323 934-5691
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