To the right, is a custom
designed bench. I named it
"The International Bench"
because of the materials used
to construct it. It has an Oak
Slate on the seating area and
diamonds made of Zebrawood
on the back of the bench. The
areas immediately
surrounding the diamonds are
Oak. Outside that is Mahogany.
It has a wax finish and is
smooth as a baby's..... The
slate is sealed with Lacquer. It
is a one of a kind project that
took a week to complete.
Click here for some history
and earlier pictures.

Click here to see samples of
other tile work.
"Art by Carl"
Household Items

The above Table is made of recycled crate materials. Click here to see
more details and get more data.

To the left, is a Walnut table. It is finished only with paste wax.

Click here to see enlargements and other pictures.
The above are part of a limited production entitled the "Stakebed Collection."  On the left is the step stool. (Click to enlarge.)  
On the right is a
medium size table. The material used for this is a wood called apitong. This wood is used for truck decking and
railings. The shop owner next to our shop was purchasing new slats and stakes from his stakebed truck. He was discarding the
old damaged and weathered stakes and slats. He asked me if I wanted them and I took them in and dismantled them. From this I
was able to make one step stool, one footstool, two medium tables and one larger table. The
step stool went to my wife as she
can't reach the taller cabinets in our home. The above
medium table went to my daughter, Monique, for her birthday present.
You may notice the holes in the wood. This was from the bolts that attached the slats to the stakes. The stakes are used for
legs and the slats are used for all other parts. The remaining items are the footstool, a medium table and a larger table. Those
will be on display on the page
"Stakebed Collection".
The table to the right was made with my sister in
mind. It is hollow and the top comes off for storage.

It is made of pine. The top is an interesting wood.
The small marks are apparently from small limbs.

Click on the picture or here for enlargement and
other pictures.

I endorse the following for common sense answers to the problems of life:

The Way to Happiness                                                Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)

Narconon (for drug rehabilitation that works)                                 Applied Scholastics International

Delphi Academy Los Angeles                                       Delphi Academy Santa Monica

"Criminon - effective criminal rehabilitation through restoring self-respect"

Success Tutoring                                 Dr Anita Mary Pepi

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