Would you take the time and make an effort to help mankind?

What will happen if we do nothing and allow the bad guys to proceed?

Will the BP spill lead to a devastating intentionally caused civilization destroying disaster?

Will that be follow by martial law, cancellation of the constitution, the dollar and the forced evacuation into camps
of tens of millions of formerly known peoples of as Americans?

Will the protesters of these events also be put into the concentration camps by the UN will found it necessary to
take over to restore order? (That what the US calls it when we invade: keeping the peace or protecting something,
all an excuse to invade and conquer for control of the resources of an area!)

There are lots of things that you can do.

You can support The Earth Organization. They have a workable solution for the oil spill. Click to read!

I have my page
Help Save the World that give some simple doable tips!

Write your "leaders" often! You can do this via emails by using
DownSizeDC.org Click to view.

Ensure you are getting adequate food and rest!
Nutrition Response Testing is laser precise method of finding out
what's happening with your body.
Click to view!

Be Happy and communicate broadly! Read
The Importance of You! Click to view!

SaveTheInternet.com so we can continue to make a large impact and be informed! Click to view!

Last but not least, dry dreaming! You probably think this is a joke! Perhaps dreaming isn't the right word. Why don't
click here and decide for your self!

Give me your suggestions! I might add them to this list and will certainly give you credit if I do!

Have a great day, a wonderful life and do help others!


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