How To Get Agreement

The title could be "How to establish reality." Reality is

I'll give a couple basic facts about agreement. Track with me if you will.

Agreement is an energy flow. If you agree the flow is inward.

If you disagree, the flow is outwards, a rejection.

How are we doing?

Hopefully you're still awake. Are you awake? Good, you're awake.

Do you want to know how to get agreement? Excellent, I thought so.

So I'll proceed. Are you comfortable? Is the font large enough?


Have you observed how you've been agreeing with my small points about this
article? Are you still agreeing?

Change of Subject

I'm going to change the subject or so it will seem.

Are you willing to read on?  :-) Good!

If we are playing catch and I throw you the ball, you are the receipt point of the
ball. Can you see that?

I am cause because I threw the ball, right? Good.

As the receipt point of the ball, you are effect. Can you see this?

You're probably thinking what does throwing a ball have to do with agreement?

Another slight change of conversation, are you still with me? I hope so, Good!

If I originate (throw) a question at you, who is cause? I am!

Who is effect (catches the question)? You are. Can you see that?

Are you agreeing with me or have I lost you?

Okay, here comes the law of getting agreements!

One Thing More first!

But one thing first, is it usually safe to talk about the weather?  

And even thought it can get heated, politics and the economy are interesting
subjects! Agree?

Sports for the guys and fashion for the girls are sometimes safe too, right?

What is a “Gradient?”

Do you know what a “gradient” is?

It is the degree of incline or decline, complexity or simplicity. It could also be
the lack of degree as in a gentle down hill road.

Something that is a little difficult or very simple would kind of be a low gradient.

Something very difficult would be a steep gradient or high gradient. A steep
hill is a steep gradient. A college math test would be too high or steep of a
gradient for an elementary school student.

Puzzles come in different gradients: Beginners, simple, more complex and
down right hard to do. Usually the difficulty is caused by the number of pieces.
Five or ten thousand pieces is a steep gradient. A one hundred piece puzzle
would be a very easy or low gradient puzzle.

Agreement is accomplished by series of small

A series of small agreement is the application

In the above sections, did I get your agreement over and over? I hope I got
your agreement on many very small, minor, even trivial things?

Did it work? Did I get your agreement that this is how to get agreements?

I hope so.

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