How to Correct

I'll give my observations.

It's very difficult to correct someone without making them wrong.

In making people wrong, you put them on the defensive. Often their reaction to
correction is not reasonable at all.

Any criticism normally puts people on the defense and they will often become
angry with you.

All criticism is basically a covert attack of something. It may be an attack on
your art, your choice of clothing, etc!

I've found that by asking questions you can get people to

By asking question and getting the person to look, they will change their minds
and their actions! Often they will immediately see the situation and handle it

Often they need additional information or correct

This data must be delivered as data, not as "see you're wrong"!

If they don't see it, you haven't asked the right question. Or, of course it is
possible you're the one that is wrong! ...Keep asking questions gently until
they see your point or just let it go.

You might ask yourself "Is that really important?"

"Will it be important 10 years, 50 years from now?"

If they're raising a gun to their head, knock the crap out of them. It they are
exposing too much cleveage...well you have to decide.

Tolerance for others is often difficult.

I can guarantee, that in their universe, what he or she was doing was exactly
what is right based on all the data they had available to make decisions with at
that instant.

In your universe, the
data you have, gives you the viewpoint you have. Your
data allows you to make the decisions and to act as you see correct. See
related article:
You Are Right!

Correction is forcing your viewpoint or opinion on
someone else.

Regardless if you are 100 percent correct, you're forcing your viewpoint on
them and at the same time, making less of their ability to look at things and to
figure things out!

Forcing your viewpoint on anyone is insulting and degrading. You don't have
the right!

My only suggestion is that you ask yourself a few questions before speaking
and then refrain from "telling them" and start "asking them to look"!

Have fun! This works really well!

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