How to Align Humanity                                 06/23/14

Humanity is our species and include all humans.

Align is to harmonize actions in a single direction. Align would include
removing barriers. To have a smooth progress on a highway,
potholes should be filled!

Which Direction is Humanity Going?

To answer that question, you have to take searching look at
individuals. After all, humanity is the group of individuals on planet

So lets look that a few examples.

When I look at each of my children and their families, I see a very
common purpose. They are trying to survive well. Routinely, they
work, take great care of their children, homes and possessions. So I
would summate or conclude that they are trying to survive.

At the same time, the media seems to be trying to bury us all under
bad news.

Corporations are psychotically pushing destruction on humans and
our environment! Those corporations are ran by individuals.

Then we have the governments of the world constantly destroying
life and property for very unclear reasons.
The only clear objective
of war is destruction and that cost money. So the people making
money off bombs, guns, poisons, etc, seem to not be trying to


Perhaps they are trying to survive but only have their own life in their

The people pushing #chemtrails, #GMOs and #nuclear power will be
killing their children and grandchildren with their actions at some
point. Those are planetary wide destructive actions.


Even the psychos #chemtrail spraying the planet are trying to
survive.  The #bigpharma psychos, that are killing off people left and
right with their poisons, are
personally trying to survive.

Fortunately, the sane people trying to survive are aware that helping
others is part of survival.

We so out number the psychos dishing out their poisons, we will win.

But we have to recognize the insane's view of survival perhaps is the
death of all others but them.

Alignment of Survival Actions

I see many bits of information that are true. I don't pass them all
along. Some only produce upset.

So even thought true, there is no survival aid in passing them on.

Some things are true but do not contain any solution. With no
solution, they only produce upset.

True Information should increase the survival of
the many.

Information on how to crack credit card numbers might help a criminal
or two but would lower the survival of the rest of us. That's like the
bank robber idea of getting away fast with lots of other people's

The bank robber thinks he will survive well with all his new found
money. He fails to think about the people he harmed. And factually,
he will lose his cash and wind up in prison so his survival is ruined.

Actions must be considered in terms of one's own personal survival,
his family and far beyond as explained in the video below further

Actions that say only put money in your pocket, like the bank robber,
are non-survival for many!

Spreading true information that can be used or where action can be
taken is survival.

#AwesomeTeam has been spreading truth for
several year.

Our actions align with the survival of humanity. Putting truth and vital
information out helps humanity make correct decisions.

Groups that harm humanity, #lamestreammedia, #warmongers,
#drugpushers, #banksters, #psychs, all put out false and misleading

Insane groups, in the above paragraph, are enemies of humanity.

They need to be spotted by the majority and not supported. #GMOs
will vanish if no one purchases them. Who to boycott can be seen

Your Contribution if You're Willing!

You can help by sharing my content. You can help by recommending
others follow me. I'll recommend others follow you. Together we grow
stronger and together we align and increase the survival of
ourselves, our families, friends and all of life on this planet!

We Are Winning!

Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a
question you'd like expanded on or anything you'd like to see me
write an article about. Happy to do so as I'm always looking for new
ideas. Contact me via this site by going

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Listen and Guide, Someone to.

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