How To Fail                                                   02/17/2014

Ha! Bet you never expected me to tell you how to fail!

But what better way to avoid failure than to know what can cause it?

Goals in Business or Life

To fail, don't think about the future, any purpose or goals! You'll fail. Just roll
over and say it is all hopeless. For you it will be.

An example would be going on a vacation with no place to go or nothing to do.
That maybe a successful vacation for some but it seems pretty much a failure
to me.

To avoid failing, you need some goals.

Otherwise, having no goals, for an activity, translates into no activity, no
progress, nothing happening!

A Specific Goal for Your Business

Lets say you are a good painter, a house painter. There are other house
painters but you're very good.

You could have the goal of being the best house painter known in California or

A little secret, lets define that goal a bit more. What would make a great house

A lot of houses painted would help. That would be volume or quantity of work
which is certainly part of success. A statistic for that would be dollars received.

How about the best protected houses through quality painting work done on

That would be a good goal in my opinion. I'd like my painter to have that kind
of goal.

One of the statistics for that would be the number of happy customers.

Your goals are in place and  you're working in volume and being very
successful! That is good!

You Hire the Wrong Man!

You're doing so well, you need more help. So you hire a new painter, Joe. He
comes highly recommended.

However, after a week you find out he's not as good as you thought and
complaints start flooding in about how sloppy Joe is and all the paint he has
gotten on floors and furniture! And Joe misses spots!

All your attention goes to worrying about cleaning up the messes he's making
and how you can keep from upsetting your new painter, Joe.

You have far too much attention on Joe and Joe's bad products!

Business Starts Slowing Down

You put so much attention to fixing the problems Joe is causing that the
phones stop ringing....

You don't notice new business has slowed. You do notice you're working extra

Joe, the new guy, is working extra hours painting, going back repainting and
cleaning up.

You look at all the problems and your reputation is going down the drain. Your
customers are not referring people like they were.

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What Happened?

You hired Joe.

Your attention went to the problems Joe was creating. You took your attention
off being the best high quality house painter in the state!

Instead of creating your goal, your attention was sucked onto Joe and the
problems he was creating.

Solution: Keep Your Attention on Your Goals and

Once I hired a guy to help me in my business. I was trying to expand.

For several months, my production statistics had been the highest ever, month
after month.

I hired Bob. He was a very nice guy.  That month, my production statistic
dropped to a second highest ever.

I went to Bob and told him that I had hired him and the production dropped. He
was the only change so I fired him on the spot. Explaining it that way, he
understood and that was that.

The next month, I hit another highest ever production.

My attention stayed on my production, my goal of doing more, better.  I did not
let Bob distract me.

Another time, I hired a man to work in treasury. He came highly recommended.

Immediately, he started changing things apparently with good reasons. But the
office statistics in every area dropped. Many people became mildly ill.

I looked at what changed and fired my new treasury person. Statistics went
back up. People stopped being ill.

I kept my attention on expansion and, in that case, being the best agency in
the business!

By the way, for a collection agency you might think the goal was to collect the
most money. Most agencies had that exact goal.

My agency had the goal of getting the customers to be honest and honor their
obligations. That was a worthy goal.

The statistic of doing that was the money they paid once they had agreed to
honor their past obligation.

Going only after money is low scale as a goal. #Banksters are never happy
nor productive. They are criminals always going after the money regardless.


Datum: Keep Your Attention On What You Are Trying to Accomplish, Not on
the Problems or Personnel Associated with the Problems.

Suggestion: Examine your goal in terms of survival of people and all areas of

Datum: Develop and track statistics for Every Facet of your Business.

Just collecting money was not necessarily survival in all areas. Getting people
to keep their agreements, to honor their obligations, was prosurvival to all

Statistics keep opinions out of the picture. Your progress towards your goals
and purposes should be easily gauged by your production statistics.

Eliminate anything that puts attention on upset or other distraction.  Full speed
ahead and you will get there!

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