How To Interest?                               02/18/2014

This was originally going to be how to interest children. I'll give a tip on that
but how to interest anyone is a better subject.

What is Interest?

Interest is attention. It is curiosity and it is admiration.

People put attention on things they consider worthy.

Aesthetics and beauty draws attention. Mystery draws attention.

Actually almost anything in the physical universe can pull attention.

I can pretty much prove that. Look around and see if you can locate anything
that you have absolutely no interest in. How did that go?

What will Interest Who?

Children respond very well to pretty things.

Children are generally high toned emotionally. They are enthusiastic or very

Emotionally up toned people will focus on aesthetic survival items. Ladies like

Danger gets attention. People are interested in things that could harm them.

People that are low toned emotionally are interested in low toned things. Items
of destruction, suffering and death attract low toned people.

Angry and antagonistic people are interested in forceful things.

Ugliness becomes interesting in a perverted way low on the emotional tone

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A Different Angle

What communicates to a person?  What communicates is what interest them.

As a corollary if you can communicate with a person about something, their
interest will grow. Does that make sense to you?

If you want someone to be interested in mathematics, show them how math
can aid their future survival. By the way, counting change is not a good
example as only the very young can't do that!

Whatever the subject, it has to have some reality with the person you're trying
to interest.

If you can't discuss biology with a child, they will have no interest nor would
an adult unless they are given something to create some understanding.

By the way, the first barrier to discussing biology is the definition of biology.

My sister-in-law was taking college classes and all was well except for one
class. I asked her which one was that. She told me Ichthyology (study of fish

:-). I asked her what that meant? She had no clue.

Supposed You want Someone Pursue Science?

How would you interest them?

I would suggest some light communication about science. You would need to
observe very closely that you don't put them to sleep with terminology that is
over their vocabulary. Just one word that is not understood correctly and they
will not understand the remaining of your communication!

If you can communicate and keep them understanding you, observe that you
are not trying to make a test tube cleaner out of a world class piano player or
painter. A person may simply not be interested in science.

In my humble opinion, the artist is far more valuable than the scientist. Artist
rarely contribute to the development or use of weapons of mass destruction.
Science creates weapons and passes them on with no responsibility for their

Your interests, for the child, are no where near as important as what the child

Let me rephrase that for you, try to get your spouse to do something that they
totally do not want to do! Get ready to duck!

They Are Interested, Education!

Once someone is interested in a subject, how do you keep them interested?

Let me point out, most public education has no clue how to do this. All
children arrive at school bursting with enthusiasm to learn.

Often this interest dims into a low level revolt at 4 or 6 years old. Sometimes
the revolt is not low level at all. The psychs go for the drugs to subdue the
revolting youngster. What education produces there is a drug addict with
virtually no valid education regardless of how long they stay in school and

To achieve an effective education, the student must be kept interested. While
this is the students responsibility, until they are mature enough to carry that
responsibility the burden lies with the educator, you.

Keeping them interested is simple. But that is the subject of another article.

I can write more but if you have tracked with me this far, I suspect you can
take over. If you don't understand, the brief words I write are not likely to help.

Feel free to ask questions. I have many, many articles written to help people
get along with each other including children.

Life is grand and you should be enjoying it. The game of life is in progress.
Lets all be winners, even the kids!


You have an angry child (probably would work on your spouse but slower). It's
bed time and you're putting an angry child down to sleep.

It would be nice to handle the upset now rather that perhaps neglect it and
add it to all the others that may have been neglected? Perhaps?

Just sit or lay down near the child. Do not talk or try to engage the child.

Be patient, children are not stupid (nor is your spouse).

Soon, the child or your spouse will wonder what you're up to, just being there,
with your attention on them and not communicating. (You've probably never
been silent before, eh?)

The fact you are quiet and not being upset yourself will go a long ways to
calming them.

Normally, a child will originate a communication to you, wanting to know what
your doing. You can answer at the point, you can be civil with the child or your

Your spouse may choose to make you wrong for a long time. If you continue
the silence, sooner or later they will start talking. I bet you!

I am a certified Youth Specialist and also an Ethics Specialist. That simply
means I'm trained and know what I'm doing :-)

Do you have suggestions for a “
How To” article? Let me know :-)

GodFather Advice"
Listen and Guide, Someone to.

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