How to Solve a Problem?                                02/03/2015

Okay! I have your attention, at least I hope so!

When you have a problem, what do you do to solve it?

Recognizing a Problem

The first step is to notice something isn't going the way it should go or even
not going the way you want it to go.

Suppose you haven't had a raise lately and you know everyone else in your
office has had one?

So what do you do about this?

The first action is to decide if you wish to handle it at all. If it is a real
problem, you have five possible choices.

Five Possible Methods of Handling

Lets look at the possible methods a person or group can view and address
a problem.

1. You can give up immediately and play dead. If its gas leak, just lay down
and wait for it to blow up! That would be a little bit of an effort to die or

2. You could pretend you don't smell gas. You can discuss it with yourself
and think you need to take out the trash for a change. So you ignore the
problem and that is a boring thought so you light up a smoke. BOOOOOM.
Suddenly you can't ignore the impact and fire. Hopefully you are alive to
get out.

3. Since you smelled gas in the bedroom and living room, you could go out
and sleep in the garage. You hope by doing this to avoid any problems!
Probably works until the gas build up and some spark or flame detonates it
and all is lost.

4. If you smell gas, you could run like hell and get out. Who cares about the
rest of the place or other people! RUN!

5. The last choice and perhaps the only sane choice is to examine the
situation and quickly turn off the gas. Once the gas it off, you can
investigate and handle the leak. By doing this you have attacked the

Back to Getting a Raise

How do you want to handle this situation?

A quick recap is to give up before you start. You could never look at your
boss and not discuss it but just stay upset.  You could pretend you did get a
raise. You could start looking for a new job.  Or you could go talk to your

Those are pretty simple.

You might or might not get a raise but once you know the situation, you can
decide your next choice of action or inaction.

Any Problem Can be Solved

That is a pretty wild statement isn't it?

But look at the advances we've had in the last 100 years. Each
advancement was someone solving a problem or several.

You are alive today. In your life, you have solved problems. Would you say
you've solved hundreds or thousand of problems both big and little. You're
good at it!

Life is here, in this universe, playing a game. A big part of the game is
solving problems. A key function of the human mind is posing and solving

What is a Problem?

I wrote an entire article on that. But, in short, it is something countering
something else. That can be a thought, effort or emotion.

So pick a problem to solve. Have fun with it. There are very few things I've
every tackled that I haven't solved.

If the problem you pick doesn't seem to be solving, write up all your research
and send it to me to review. I may be able to ask you the right question so
that you can solve it.

Oh, one last tip, put your research down in writing. It helps you keep track of
what you are doing. A good time line is probably the best way to record it.  :-)

More below....

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