This is very easy to do.

Go to this page:
Type in or copy and past the URL you want shortened or compressed.
Click "Compress" and almost instantly, a new screen with your shortened URL will appear. Copy and you're on your

For Chrome:

If you think you will do this often, go to their "Instructions" page:

About half way down the page, you will see "Adding to search bar". Grab (put the cursor over and hold down the right
button on the mouse) and drag this pharse " add to the search bar" to your search bar and release.

It will become part of your tools. Click on this any time you're on a page you want to shorten and it will compress it for
you very fast.

For IE:

Double click on "Adding to search bar". It will become part of your search menu in the upper right hand corner. Click on
the down arrow to the very right and select "IS".

Once you've done this, you're ready to go. Copy and paste the URL you want shortened into the search window, enter
and you'll have your very short URL fast!

Fox Fire: I Didn't explore but it looks simple!

You can do the same with "!" and "". I use all three. is the fastest and simplest!

There are other services out there. I don't recommend

Have a great day,

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