Viewpoint of How to Be a Parent

I have successfully helped many, many parents learn how to handle their
children better.

I have successfully helped many children learn how to better handle their
parents! Yes, children do handle their parents.

Unfortunately, if the parents are handling the child poorly, the child will handle
other children and adults poorly too. This can be fixed!

The bulk of a child's learning is directly from the parents! Though it is true the
child will learn from anyone he cares to observe.

Based on my experience, I'm writing this series of articles to help others be
more successful parents!  By the way, most of the very unsuccessful ones will
not bother to read. Only the caring ones will try to improve.

Our children are the future. No one on this or any planet lives alone. Humanity
is made up of all our families across the planet :-) So I have a responsibility for
you and yours!

Parenting Starts Before Conception

Now why do I say that? Because you need to make sure you are giving the
"mother to be" proper nutrition and avoiding toxins!

In order to best ensure a healthy baby, mom needs a good nutritious diet! A lot
has been written on what's
a good diet.

I can tell you that is will not be exactly the same for every person. Bodies are
not all the same.

General Rules on Food

A clue to food is the definition of the word. Food is defined as that which
nourishes your body.  Food must supply your body with the nutrients to build
and repair.

If you're going to have a baby, you must, for your own health and the baby's
health, eat well! If you don't the baby will pull nutrition out of your
undernourished body to grow. If there are not enough nutrients for the baby to
take, it will lack. The mom will suffer and you may lose the child.


Chemicals are all toxins! Drugs are all toxins. No exceptions.

A chemical requires the body use it's resources to eliminate the toxins.

So avoid, fluoride, MSG, all artificial sweeteners, refined sugar (except
coconut sugar), refined flour, all genetically mortified organisms such as corn,
canola oil, beets etc.

Any “food” you don't digest well is potentially toxic. Peanuts, corn, dairy are
common allergens and therefore toxic.

Pretty much if it's processed, don't eat it.

Pesticides are obvious poisons. Eat all the organics you can. There is a list of
the Dirty Dozen in terms of pesticides and a list of produce and fruits that don't
need to be
organic here.

You're best bet is organic vegetables and fruits. Organic applies are a best
choice in my opinion!

Carrying the Child and Birth

The fetus is not yet intelligent until birth. This of course is not an absolute.

Regardless, the fetus does record on a cellular level events especially where
pain is introduced. This would be where mom leans against a table with the
baby between her and the table.

These type incidents are practically impossible to avoid.  

What is vitally necessary is to not talk during the injury or for a bit of time
afterwards. You don't want your words recorded along with pain and
unconsciousness in your baby.

At birth, make sure the doctors and nurses do not chit chat or make comment
beyond the unavoidable such as pass the____. SILENCE PLEASE!

Failure to follow this advice can potentially make your child ill and/or insane or

This include during intercourse while pregnant, keep the chit chat down!

These recordings can be handled but that's another article.

Birth and Baby

Nine months of growth, expectation and hopefully enjoyment and now you
have your baby. Babies, children are absolutely wonderful! They are a lot of

How do you treat a new born?

Did the beautiful baby come with an operators or owners manual?

You are a young adult, where did you learn your parenting skills and from

I will take these points up in my
next article in this series.

Should you be curious, I have listed various other point that you may find of
interest. They are not directly related to this article beyond survival of
and the rights of men and women.

©2012  by Carl Watts/  111912 edited 112112

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