How Simple Is It All Really?                                012516

There are times when I marvel at how simple life really is. Then I'll forget and
think it's complicated.

The actual truth is so simple I can't possible give enough information in this
article to properly present the truth. So I'm going to rely on your ability to
bridge from what is observed as reality to the truth.

It maybe that I will not achieve my goal which is you having an increased
awareness of truth and life.

The problem which immediately confronts me is “responsibility.”

Control via False Data

People have been taught, hammered and pounded that they are not
responsible; that they can not control or cause things to happen. They've
been taught that some other force is causing today's existence. They been
taught some other force is going to take care of things and create their
future. Obamacare is an example.  

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But, even though the lessons have been installed on a reactive level, often
doubts arise. People get insights of what the truth is and that they may have
had something to do with the past. Less common is the insight of how the
future will be created, clairvoyant. And very rare do they see how they are
creating our future.

There's a saying that when you point your finger at some
else, you have
three fingers pointing back at yourself. The truth is all fingers point at you.


For example, once someone came into our apartment and stole my saw from
the back room when I had been working. I was very upset. I was not being
responsible. I wanted a target to blame.

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I remained upset until I realized that I had violated my own policy to put my
saw away. I knew it was a very rough neighborhood. I realized I had failed to
take the simple precaution of locking the back door.

Had I put the saw away and locked the back door, it would never have been
stolen. I was responsible. Shortly after I took responsibility for the theft, I
received a new saw as a gift.

Irresponsibility caused a loss, responsibility caused a gain.

When you're being angry or upset, how much responsibility are you
accepting? The moment
you take responsibility, you will cease to be as
upset as you realize you have some level of cause about the situation.

Blaming others makes them cause. Trying to hold them responsible makes
you effect of them, a victim. It is never the correct solution.

Many years ago, my wife was extremely upset with me. I had done
something wrong for sure. I asked her what part of the upset could she
accept some responsibility for. When she finally answered, she ceased to be
upset instantly. The long enduring upset ended right then. She moved from
victim to cause.

Have you ever had a problem you avoided and then finally took action and
handled it?

What happened there? Were you being responsible when you were avoiding
the problem? When you took action and handle the problem, was that being

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big to handle” consideration be simply an irresponsibility?

Had you acted perhaps you would have handled the “too big to handle”

It's my opinion that failure is simply not acting or giving up. I believe you far
more powerful and able than anyone has ever allowed you to dream. I refer
you to the fifth paragraph above.

So What is the Truth or Simplicity?

You are cause. You are truth.

Of course people will point out the mistakes they have made and others have
made. That is not a valid argument!

At the moment we make our choices, we always believe they are correct. A
fraction of a second later, we may realize that it was wrong or a mistake. But
regardless, when we make our choice or decision, it was the correct action.
Even the insane think they are doing right actions! Their decisions are
effected by wrong data, incomplete data or both. Just like you and I are

You can't make a correct decision with wrong data and or incomplete data!

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There is Nothing Simpler than Life.

What is life? Is it a body? No.

Many people say life is energy. I disagree. I believe life creates energy.

How big is life or how small is life? That question is based on the assumption
life has size at all.

Where is life? Same situation with the question being based on the
assumption life has a location!

Ah! But you've been taught when the body dies, that's it! Then you're “soul”
will go to heaven or hell or some other place. What about you?

Are you the body? If you have a soul, where are you keeping it?

I don't mean to insult or invalidate anyone's religious belief. Anyone can
believe anything they like. I'm just suggesting you LOOK and think for

To wrap this up, the simplicity is you as an immortal being are creating your
own existence and perhaps a lot more.

Do I expect you to “believe” any of this? No. You either see it as truth or not.
What is true for you is truth. What is not truth is not.

There is never anything behind you in the past and only a future ahead that
you create!

I wish you well my immortal friend.  #EverythinWill_B_OK!

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