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The Bouncing Boy

The Bouncing Boy is now published!
    You can see it here

    Here's what people are saying about The Bouncing

    "Thanks for sharing this story with me, I read it with my first cup
    of tea this morning. It is very good, well written and makes you
    want more as you read it." L.C.

    " I read this whole fairy tale.  I just loved it!  Your writing is a joy
    to read." E.S.

    "Fun! and Very Well Done!" M.M.

    "Quite a tale!  You have a gift for allegory, which I guess the
    best fairy tales are." R.S.T.

    Here's a Sneak Preview of the book...

    Once upon a time there was a big bouncing boy named Jack.   

    Jack was the brunt of many jokes because he was BIG.   His
    belly was so round that you couldn’t hardly see his head or
    arms or legs.   He received scowls and scorns from grownups
    and kids alike.  No one, really, was his friend.

    His parents did not make matters any better – he was dressed
    in striped jerseys that made him look exactly like a big ball.  
    His schoolmates never did miss a day to heckle Jack and hold
    him up to ridicule.  He was laughed at, he was teased, he was
    called names and worst of all, he was called the name his
    Mom had always used lovingly “bouncing boy” – although the
    kids turned that into torment “Oh, look at Momma’s Biiiig
    Bouncing Boy” with a snicker and laugh that made life
    miserable for Jack.

Jack did start out as a Big Bouncing Baby Boy – maybe because his Mom had said from the moment she knew she was expecting the
stork, “I’m having a big bouncing boy”.  No matter what the reason, Jack was biiiiig.  He was a BIG baby, a BIG toddler, a BIG boy and
now, almost a teenager, Jack was really and truly BIG.

During Jack’s early days of school, when he thought the kids were being his friends, he would play act as a slob while eating his food and
say big giant things such as “Me want MORE”.  He thought that the kids were laughing with him but soon found out that it was laughter at
him.  “EEEE U”, the kids would say, “Did you see how gross that fat kid is when he eats?”  Only to be corrected by the older kids – “His
name is Big Bouncing Fat Boy.  You can see why.”  “He looks just like a Bouncing Ball, striped and all.”  “Are you sure IT’s a boy, not a
beach ball?” On and on the teasing would go.

By the time that Jack finished his early years of school, no one knew his name.  He was only called that gross fat Bouncing Boy.  No one
explained any further because everyone knew who Bouncing Boy was.  

It was a small town where Jack lived so he was well known to grownups, kids younger than him, kids his age, kids older than him and so
on.  “There goes Bouncing Boy.  Didn’t you feel the earth shake?”  “There goes that gross Bouncing Boy - Did anything break?”  Or, even
worse, “There’s grain missing, Bouncing Boy thought it was cake.”  And the laughter would go on and on
and on.

Jack was so resentful at the awful words and terrible stories made up about him.  His solution for acting
out what
he was called only made him more unpopular.  To top it all off, his loving parents – the only ones that still
adored him no matter what, were old and frail and passed on.  He wound up without a single person that
even cared about him.  Even though he looked like a grown-up because of his size, the fact was, he was
still a little boy that had feelings.  Without his loving Mom around to cheer him up, he just got sadder and
sadder, life just wasn’t the same.

Jack was left on his own to make it go right in a town where he was laughed at continuously.  Life went
from bad to worse to unbearable and somehow continued...

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"The Bouncing Boy"
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