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I Am

Life has its ups and downs.
“Everyone knows that.”
Everyone thinks “that’s the way it has to be.”
It is fate, the law of averages, karma, making the strife.
While you can make it look like those forces control your life
that is just an example
of how powerful you really are!

And I’m here to tell you that neither fate
nor the stars control reality or life.

I’ll keep it personal you don’t have agree.
I am the captain of my future and my own “destiny”!

Who’s always around? I am.
Who takes care of my family? I do.
When the body is sleeping who’s in charge? I am.
Who runs my life? I do.

Before time who was there? I am.
Who creates my world? I do.
When the world needs rescuing, who’s going to do it? I am.
Who solves my problems? I do.

Who is the only being I can trust and count on always? I am.
Where will I be tomorrow? Wherever I am.
Will the sun shine tomorrow? I’ll be the one to make it shine.
Will it rain tomorrow? Who cares! Maybe I’ll make it rain.

Will my future be bright? Certainly! I am my future.
Will I own much? I own all.
Will my wife be true? Certainly, I am the husband.
How long will I be, survive, exist? I am.

Enough about me, I am!

Now ask yourself any questions.
Then provide yourself with the answer.

Like it or not, you’ve created your problems,
and you’ve created your today.
You create your tomorrow!

For me, I have created today,
I am creating tomorrow and the next couple eternities.
I’ve decided that others must create their universes.
They have the power, ability just lacking certainties.

To look at it any other way would be an effect viewpoint.

So how will you go?
Will the weather, the government, your spouse dictate
your life, future, death and destiny?
And after that, who will pick your next family, not me.

I have no wish to run your life and
I’m certainly not going to let you run mine.
Nor tell me how my life is all planned out to the end of time.

I wish you well my immortal friend.
Your powers are far greater than you have guessed.
Grab onto a star!

I’m creating stars and spaces to be,
new universes to expand into.
See you in the future.

©2008 Carl Watts


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