Illness and Holidays                                        12/20/12

I'm pretty sure that many people have notice the increase in illness at least in
America around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, and New Years.

Also, people get more illness in the winter time in general. Have you
observed this?

I believe there are a few seasonal reasons that you can spot, handle and
prevent yourself.

Now mind you, this is not medical advice, won't cure you, prevent illnesses,
disease, or taxes but may make you laugh. Please observe my disclaimer at
the bottom of the page.

Lack of Sunshine

In the winter, people get less sunshine. The days are shorter and colder.
This means fewer hikes and strolls on the beach with your shirt off and short
on! The further north you live, the less sunshine you get!

I've heard that Vitamin D3 comes from sunshine! Perhaps you should go to
Costco and purchase some Kirkland Brand 2000 IU pearls and take a few
every day! Another place is Swanson Vitamins on line. I purchase their 5000
IU and have taken up to four a day.

Currently, I take two 2,000 IU daily. I am not recommending you take four or
any at all. Supplements are your decision and responsibility. I'm very healthy!
Costco and Swansons are not paying me, just good places to buy cheaply.

Foods and Toxins

At least from my experience and observation, around the holidays people
tend eat too much. The food is sooooo good!

However, over eating stresses the body. See this chart on
Hormone Triggers
that Burn or Store Fat

People consume more and often too much alcohol. Of course, any alcohol is
not optimum as it is a toxin. Personally, I like and still do drink so beer :-)

People consume far too much sugar and hidden forms of sugar. Again see
the above mentioned

Bye the way, you can copy that chart and use it to help yourself become
more healthy.

When you combine over eating, alcohol and sugar, that is a huge burden on
probably an already unhealthy body!

If you are over weight or too skinny, you are NOT healthy!

If you are on ANY medication, you are NOT healthy. See related article
All Drugs Bad...Or Are some Good

With an unhealthy body, bacteria and virus are free to multiply and you
become sick. See related article
Theory of Contagion.

Also you may find of interest:
Chemtrails, Radiation, Fluoride and other
Toxins, How to Survive

Stress and Family

Around “holidays” you often see people you don't routinely see.

Some of these you have intentionally or otherwise put distance between
them and you. You got away from them. I'm not just talking about your

My wife had a aunt that we didn't see for five years for our own good!

Some people stress and insult you very slyly! They are covertly (hidden)
hostile to you and everyone else too!

So your poor over strained body gets subjected to you being crushed
emotionally. And you get sick and sicker!

Two good articles that relate to this are
Stress Re-Defined and Who has the
. Click on the titles to read!


If you made it this far and read the related articles, you are now armed with
enough data to perhaps have a happier and healthier holidays!

So from me to you, Happy Holidays and a brilliant future
to you and all of humanity!

©2012  by Carl Watts/ 122012 edited 120113
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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