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I was playing around
Off beyond the edge of the universe
Sometimes, I feel the need
For someone to entertain
I put an audience over there
Where they could cheer
Other times, I just enjoy my own creations
Out beyond time and space.

This was a point in no time
When I was playing alone
No one else was at home
That I could see
I was playing with the universe
I had made space and time
And kept the universe as a toy of mine.

I looked at it this way
I looked at it that way.
Slightly warm, it turned easily
Being so small and so light
It really was only my illusion
Just kept for the fun of it
I wondered what would happen
If I it turned it on edge

It’s a funny thing, on edge,
Like a piece of glass
It completely disappeared.

Yep the whole thing was gone.
No where to be found
The universe had vanished
Along with everything, anyone
Occupying all of space and time

I thought about this briefly
Though there was no time to tell
It could have been a second
Like they say happens in hell
Or an eternity and a half.

I decided to recreate it
You wouldn’t have noticed this
Because you were gone too
When the time and space were gone
When the universe was on edge.

There was no time
Until I put the universe back
Once the universe was back in place,
Again there was time and space

You may question this, I read mind too,
But have you ever looked at a clock
Looked and saw the hands stopped
Stopping time were you?

There’s no debate
I’m in control of time and space
You’re in my universe
But not to worry.
I’m in yours too and you're in control of that.

©2009 Carl Watts

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