The Illusion Universe        

I was looking at the difference between my universe and our universe. Now
I'm not going to try to be technically proper just give my observations and

When I look up “illusion” I find the dictionaries are psych based and have
crossed illusion and delusion up thoroughly! It really emphasizes how
thoroughly humanity has been worked on to lower ability and maintain the
trap of this universe.

So I'm going to make up my own definitions and hope I'm fairly accurate.

An illusion is something you create regardless if others can see or touch it. If
it is perceivable to others, meaning they agree upon it, it is reality!

A delusion is something someone else has force upon you. This would be if
you're on drugs or hypnotized and see pink elephants. Delusions are not
reality even though while hypnotized and or drugged, you think it is real!

Delusions can come from your
reactive mind.

Strength of Illusion

If someone can create a strong enough illusion, others will see it and agree
with it.

I can hear you now denying that is possible. Have you ever seen a good
stage magician? He can certainly make it real looking.

In the bible, there are mentions of magical things. Burning bushes, parting
seas are a couple of examples. Do I think these things really happened? I
believe there were real enough that others believe it at the time.

Going earlier to the mythical gods and goddesses, they did many things that
today are viewed as impossible. Do I think they actually did these things? Yes
I do.

I wrote a story about this called
Campfire Rose. You might find it interesting.

I also were a story about
What Happened To the Gods?

And while we are on the subject, Jesus Christ created very large effects.
They were real enough that the Roman government executed him. Do I
believe all that is written about him? For the most part, yes, I do believe.

To temper the above I know that man intentionally will alter events to give it
the slant they want it to have.

The Point of this Article.

Each of us is capable of creating illusions. I can prove it.

Close your eyes, can you get a memory of a cat or dog or flower, anything at
all? Can you see it even if vaguely? Ok if you can, change it's color or shape
a little. Did you do that?

If you did, that is an illusion. It was not the reality you saw or remember but it
was an alteration of the past.

Is it a delusion? No, you're very aware of what you did and can change it
back and forth. The hypnotized/drugged subject has no control of the

Envisioning World Peace.

Try to create an illusion of the world at peace. Put all the characteristics you'd
like to see in the illusion.

If enough of us create the same or similar illusion, perhaps we can replace
the current one with a better world. Imagine world peace. Envision world
peace. You create the illusion of world peace.

A better world starts with you and me, together in harmony!

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Routinely I say #EverythinWill_B_OK! I believe that is true!

Also, “A person is only as valuable as he aids others in their games of
survival!” Quoting myself :-)

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