I'm Not Cool!

I was pulling into the post office parking lot and a young man had his car
door open partially. I approached slowly and even gave the car a little gas to
make sure he could hear me.

I decided he wasn't moving and pulled on forward. Just as I did, he swung
the door open. Fortunately I was far enough over not to hit his door.

He said “my bad” as he walked away, never looking at me. At least he made
some attempt to correct the fact he startled me and himself by his unaware

As I followed the man, he made it a point to adjust his shirt up so I could not
miss that his underwear were the same color as his shorts.

I couldn't tell if he was holding up his pants with his other hand or not.
Perhaps he had some other means of keeping his pants from falling off!
Maybe he had them taped to his underwear?


He was clearly dressed to attract attention. If I cared to give an opinion, I'd
say he was trying to look cool and tough, like a gang member. He probably
was but that's not important.

As I watched him I thought that I am not cool! I'm also not “tough” in the way
he was presenting himself.

Physically, he is younger, stronger though I'm probably healthier!

Real Power

True power is not a matter of  “muscles.” This is not to make less of physical
strength. It does have benefits. There were many times my physical strength
came in super handy as I worked in construction.

Part of power is persistence.

I've seen strong young people quit because it was too much effort too long.

Part of power is intention.

I had to dig up my main line once. I hired my nephew to do the work. He was
young and very strong, I worked in an office and had for many years.

We ran into a tree root about 12 inches in diameter. We started with an ax to
cut through it. As we worked, I noted his swings resulted in shallow cuts. My
swing resulted in deep cuts often embedding the ax causing difficulty
unsticking it. The difference was simply intention. My swing created bigger
impacts because my intention was much greater.

Another example is a young man that was very strong and getting stronger.
He always wanted to arm wrestle with me. Even though he was stronger, I
kept winning. My intention was very strong.

As the years passed he got stronger and stronger.

The last time we arm wrestled, I couldn't beat him but he also couldn't beat
me either. I think the extent of my intention had been matched by his very fit
muscles. He was working circles around me in construction!

Power and Purpose

Being interesting, being cool is an effect viewpoint.

True power with good purpose is always interesting and is a cause viewpoint.

Power used to create is aesthetic.

Power to destroy for the sake of destruction is ugly. War is ugly.  There is a
beauty to a new building, a new bridge.

Real power is the broad creating of effect that is constructive. Raising
peoples awareness is constructive.

When you exercise real power, you do attract attention. You become
interesting as cause. Your beauty increases!

That is much different than being interesting as effect. A gang member is
interesting only because you have to watch him to safe guard your life and
property. That is not a pretty presentation.


As a group, we are a real power. We are positively effecting the lives of
#AwesomeTeam is a beautiful group.

So, I don't have to be cool or tough to change the world with your help!

Thank you for your support. We are making an impact. I appreciate you! You
are beautiful for caring, sharing and creating a better future!

Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question you'd like
expanded on or anything you'd like to see me write an article about. Happy to do so as
I'm always looking for new ideas. Contact me via this site by going

GodFather Advice"
"Listen and Guide, Someone to."

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