I'm Stepping Out!

I often say this two or three times a day “I'm Stepping Out!”

Some people might wonder why, maybe?

Well, first a little fun! "Steppin Out" By Joe Jackson

Let me back up!

Most of the time, I'm many hours behind. I get hundreds of
mentions. One hundred is easy to handle. Two hundred during a
night can take me half a day to catch up.

More than that and I have to prioritize who to reply to. I can't reply
to all.  

Once I get caught up, I resume replying to everyone.

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How to Handle So Many.

When I'm caught Up!

When I'm pretty much caught up, I respond very fast to tweets.
People expect that.

It is good manners on my part not to keep people waiting longer
than necessary. Sometimes long lags, comm lags, can not be

But if I'm home I can usually avoid this.

If I expect a long absent, hopefully I will put details on my
Page...click to view!

So I'm Stepn Out!

I tell people this as I want to alert them that where I had been
tweeting as fast as possible, I'm stepping away hence there will be
a delay in my response.

It seems to me to be a polite thing to do. I want people to know
they are important. I respect their time and the fact they are willing
to communicate! Not everyone will do that.


As an aside, I very frequently state #Everything_Will_B_Alright!

In my universe, I know that to be a fact. It's difficult to communicate
why this is. In fact, that might take several articles which I'm sure
would only create mystery. Watch for that or those future articles.

#Everything_Will_B_Alright! I would love it if many people would
pick this up as a #hash tag phrase. Can't do anything but help!

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