Imagination and Life

As I was walking, I thought of so many questions about imagination and
imagining that I thought an article would be of interest.

In looking at my
Questions of the Day page, I found almost 50 mentions of
imagination. I've included these below the video below.

Childhood Imagination

Children are normally born with great imaginations. Children demonstrate
great imagination when they play together. Children image wonderful worlds
of race cars and tea cups!

Let me mention that toys that do very much rob the child of the chance to
imagine it.

When they imagine a ray gun, it fires for them. The purchased ray gun never
kills anyone. Feeding baby doll should not be done with fake liquid in bottles,
let the child imagine it is full!

A fantastic way to encourage imagination is art. Let the children color, draw,
paint and any other creative activity.

Children are the leaders of the future. They need a strong imagination to pull
Earth out of the mess its in currently. Only an artist with imagination will

Crushing Childhood Imagination

Parents are so quick to do to their children what was done to them by their
parents. Just because the parents survived bad treatment does not mean
over whelming domination is correct.

When a child tells you something, let them talk. Just because you didn't see
the tiger in the bathroom is no reason to think the child didn't put one there
and view it.

A child using imagination to create a better reality (their opinion) is no reason
to crush them by telling them “Its only your imagination” or “Don't lie to me!”

How did you feel when that was done to you?

My grandson told me about a lion up on the hill. I had him describe it. He was
very detailed.

Of course I didn't see a lion and don't believe there was an actual one there.
Regardless, why would I make a six year old wrong?

Artist and Imagination

Artists never cease to amaze me with the unique creativeness across many
forms of media. The artists see reality as generally improved by their

Of course there are exceptions to this. Some artists have destructive
imaginations. Some artists are on drugs which pervert both their sense of
reality and their imagination.

Artists and their imaginations are the creators of the future. Artists are more
valuable than scientists and certainly more valuable than politicians.

Imagination and Worth

It is very likely that a vivid imagination is one of the most valuable abilities a
person has. A person with a good imagination can solve problems, they can
think outside the ridge walls of education.

If you think about it, creation is a product of imagination. How could you
create something new or better without an imagination?

Its sad that imagination isn't encouraged in schools. It is more sad that
education seems to require belief in the answers provided and discourages
free thinking, imagination.

A Little Test For You?

Lying is a low level of creation. It require some imagination. The more
imagination put into a lie, the better it sounds.

Here's the test, invent and tell me a lie! Go ahead do it several times. Lying
with permission might be fun!

A New Imagination

Is it possible to regain or give rebirth to your imagination? Yes, it is!

How would you do this? Try the test of telling a lie as suggested above for

Next, look at the environment and question it! See what ideas come up.
Ideas come from imagination.

You may have been told you have no imagination. That's not true.

Can you imagine that you have better imagination? It seems if you can, you

As a being, you don't lose abilities.

You may lose willingness to use them. Invalidation by others can make you
less willing to use your imagination but the ability is still there.

Let me know if you have any success with this.

Life is grand! I can imagine it getting much better. Join me and we can
change the world.


Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question you'd like
expanded on or anything you'd like to see me write an article about. Happy to do so as
I'm always looking for new ideas. Contact me via this site by going

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Questions from Questions of the Day:

  1. How far away from your body can you imagine that you are?
  2. Are people whose imagination has been crushed easier to dominate?
  3. In many institutions, do the psychotics wear white smocks and strap the
    people with imagination down?
  4. How can you tell the difference between a psychotic and someone with
    a good imagination?
  5. Do you think telepathy is only people's imagination?
  6. Why is it that scientists who test for telepathy, always denied it exist,
    lack of imagination?
  7. If I assume the position 100 miles above Earth, would that be just my
  8. If I put emotion into the environment, do you think that's just my
  9. Are scientist so blind, that when someone comes in sick & the test show
    nothings wrong, they considered it imagination?
  10. When you feel someone's attention on you, is that your imagination?
  11. Is a mirage just the environment showing someone's imagination?
  12. Are there things which everyone agreed upon as real that are really just
    mutual imagination?
  13. Is reality, agreement, based on imagination?
  14. Imagination, can you take two corners of the room you're in and stretch
    them out?
  15. When you imagine there's a ghost about, is that really imagination?
  16. Do machines have imagination? LOL if they do they're haunted!
  17. Do you think animals have imagination? LOL if they have imagination,
    they're not animals!
  18. Have the advances in humanity come from somebody's imagination?
  19. What does science think of imagination? LOL it seems science doesn't
    have an imagination!
  20. Do you think when someone imagines they're sick, they are not sick?
  21. Would someone who invalidated my imagination be my friend?
  22. Should someone else determine what is real and what is imaginary for
  23. Have you ever been told you're imagining things?
  24. Imagination, can you get the idea of a gray elephant, then turn it pink,
    then green?
  25. Do you think I have a vivid imagination, LOL?
  26. How are art and imagination connected?
  27. When a person loses their ability to imagine, are they dead?
  28. Why would anyone want to discourage a child's imagination?
  29. Imagination, golf balls laying on the floor, jumping up to the ceiling and
    staying there, can you do that?
  30. Imagination, cat lovers, can you get the picture of a cat barking, can you
    hear it?
  31. Imagination, can you get the picture of a dog meowing, can you hear it?
  32. Do you think I am imagining things or is Siri plotting against me? LOL  
  33. Can you imagine that you are creating and putting everything there, can
    you make it more solid?
  34. As a spirit, how big can you imagine yourself?
  35. Can you imagine or put your name up four times in the air?
  36. Can you imagine a better future?
  37. If you were immortal could you imagine a better future?
  38. Are hallucinations imagined realities others don't agree upon?
  39. Do parents confuse lying with imagination, crushing imagination?
  40. Can you imagine that instantly you're100 miles up, peaceful?
  41. Can you imagine, that down below your case, you're super human?
  42. Why should a child not have a vivid imagination, an adult?
  43. How free is your imagination?
  44. Can anyone improve YOUR imagination?
  45. Are you frightened of imagination?
  46. If you're imagining and know it, is imagination creative?
  47. If you're imagining and don't know it, is your imagination really
  48. Is  the need of "experience" an excuse for lack of imagination?
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