Immortality, Life is Grand                                

I look out and see troubles across the land

The psychos are actively trying to take out man.
So the cycle has always been
Life works hard only to have it destroyed again.

But life is not so easily slain

Even though there is so much pain!
Life is a game, always better to have a game
Many people do not realize the game is the same.

What happens if a man comes to know immortality

No, not a physical body, the spirit of man, immortal?
So much worry we have about a “health plan”
So much attention on how to survive in this land!

If a man knows for certain he is not just a body

Would that not make him unconcern about losing just a body?
But look, how dangers the environment is today
An immortal would look at that as what games to play!

Life would be grand if you know you're more than a man

Life would be grand if you didn't worry about survival as man!
But enough rhymes, to the point, you are much greater
Greater than anyone every let you imagine!

You have tremendous abilities, buried for thousands of year

Never are the abilities gone, just lost for years and years.
So I challenge you to start validating what you can do and do well
Recognize the good in other men and women stop giving em hell!

So when I say every thing will be alright, I'm speaking to an
immortal friend

That would be you, immortal. Bodies perish, you never will.
Everything will be alright!

The End.

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PS: I can hear you now saying how do I know? Or he's wrong etc. Let me point
out that you have no proof you are not immortal.

You say, I can't remember. Really? With a little help you could probably very
easily. If you've really been hammered by life severely, you might require a lot of
help, but remember you would.

Truth communicates. I'm communicating with you♥         Life is grand!

©2013 by Carl Watts/  101413
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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