When I look out over the physical universe,
I find it stretches as far as the eye can see.
When I look out across the universe with my vision,
not using a body to view,
I find the ends of the universe are not far away.

But still it is the physical universe.
And it is big and it’s old.
It’s beautiful and powerful. It can be cold and ugly.
It doesn’t care who or what it hurts.
It deals only in force, energy, mass and time.
Its energies assault us from every angle all the time.

When we try to do things, at every turn, the physical universe resists us.
The brush stroke of the artist is bent askew.
The colors aren’t true to the image of the creator.
The physical universe is difficult to use as a creative medium
If you’re using a body to create with; the stone cracks the wrong way.
The wood is not true. The angles are off.

Operating free of the restraints of a body,
One can create beauties not possible on Earth.
The colors can be so grand
and coupled with lights and sound.
The motions, sounds, and colors that can be produced
are the envy of every dancer, singer and painter on Earth.
Only a child’s joyful laughter comes close.

So immense and powerful seems the universe to be.
But it’s not. So grand and immense are we!

As you make the water run back up stream,
you break agreement of the physical universe.
It is not all powerful.
In fact it is not powerful at all
If you are big enough and fast enough.
You don’t even have to be the effect of the effects you are creating.

When you get to that point as an artist, as a creator,
You are bigger than the physical universe and you approach infinity.
Just be that being now.

You are an infinity that is warm and light.
You are more aesthetic than the smile on a lovers face.
You are stronger than the fireworks from an erupting volcano at night.
As you expand as a being, you know no limits.
Nothing is greater than you and only you can limit you.

But over the eons you bored of no problems,
bored of being all powerful.
Decisions are made. Many!
And here we are weaker than a half drowned kitten
with the crayons breaking as we try to create.
Somewhere along the line it seems we agreed
just a few billions times too many.
We agreed to only observe the physical universe.
We agreed to deny our own universes.

We went from the infinity of ourselves into an almost zero.
Now too many of us bow to the physical universe
and it’s seemingly unlimited force.

As an artist, a creator of the future,
I challenge you!
I challenge you to paint a broad free future for yourself.
Sing the song of freedom for your family.
Dance an incredibly aesthetic motion that will free man from his restraints.
Film the spirit of man free to create new futures for us all.
Write the poem that will rocket through all physical barriers,
even through time.
It’s possible as ideas are not part of the physical universe.
Ideas are not subject to matter, energy, space or time.

Consider the poem that creates spaces bigger than the physical universe
A poem that locates the physical universe, as if it were a grain of salt,
in a giant salt shaker on your table of the gods.
Consider a song that will shine with more energy
brighter than all the combined suns in all the galaxies together.
Create the sculpture that will be seen before and after time.

Make the image of all man being free!
Create it with more space than all the spaces
Of the past, present and future.
Expand your imagination to extend beyond time and space.
You can do it.

Be free for infinity!
©2008 Carl Watts


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