Insults or Upsetting Communication

Recently, I made a remark to my grandson in front of others. The remark could
have caused unpleasant pictures or thoughts.

A bit later, I took a look at my actions. A remark, like the one I made, could
never improve someone's day and could create upset.

I felt bad about saying it.

If I had seen or heard anyone else communicate that type message, I would
have wondered what the hell were they trying to accomplish!

My personal policy and practice has been to always improve situations by
speech, smiles, actions, and or some kind of contribution to push things to a
higher level.

Picking up trash. Wiping excess water off the vanity in restrooms.
Complimenting people where deserved or keeping my mouth shut when it
would not help matters. Validating the rightness around me. These actions
have been my operating basis for a very long time!

Yet there I had been, violating my own practice, my own intentions and
personal policy! What had happened?

I realized that the statement I had issued had not exactly originated from me. It
is a bit difficult to communicate but I can tell you where it came from. I know I
do not speak like that to others.

The Past

But at one time in my life, as a young teenager, I was king of the insult game.
Didn't matter who cried. And, thought I never would have admitted it then,
many of the insults I received stung!

My best guess is I still have a bit of mental circuitry that dishes out garbage,
insults or generally down toned comments.

But that is still my responsibility and  now that I have spotted it, it is up to me
to have my discipline applied to ensure that circuit stays off line forever!

By the action of me spotting the circuit, it has become non-operational.
Circuits are just captured parts of your own mind. I will be alert for other
circuits that maybe dormant waiting for the right stimulus from the environment
to active it.

I wonder how many other people have circuits like that? It is my experience
that people normally handle others similarly to the way they have been

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So even if you normally will not insult or say hateful things, if you have found
your self doing so, perhaps you should review your past for others insulting
you? Perhaps you should look for others saying hateful things to you?

Man is not natively hateful, mean or destructive. But by being pushed, hit,
insulted, punished, dominated, verbally or physically, he can be made to be
hateful etc. Once handled this way, he may react, just like I did when I spit out
potentially upsetting words to my grandson.

I called grandson and left him a message. He returned by call and told me he
had not thought about it after it had happened.

He is in great shape as a being, strong and up tone emotionally. So my
non-optimum communication had slide off him without great effect.

But not everyone is as enthusiastic, as strong personally, as he is. It is my
intention to raise the emotional tone level of others not tear them down.

The Future

Will you join me? Together, if enough of us pull up, perhaps mankind can rise.

Watch for your own mental circuits taking over. Be yourself! You really are
pretty awesome!

If you have difficulty, let me know, perhaps I can assist.

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©2011  by Carl Watts/ edited 8/17/11
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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