Family & Business Mediator Service

"My ex-husband and I used Jean Brasel's "Family & Business Mediator Service" to help us resolve some lingering troubles
from our original divorce agreements that were made years ago but had landed back in court again.

At the point that we hired Jean, my ex-husband and I had each already spent thousands on lawyer fees and preliminary court
costs.  We paid for the court run "mediation" service without resolution. With many more months and further costs still looming
ahead, including all of the frustration and consumed time about "the case,"  I was worried, and wondered if the Judge would really
see the whole picture of all the problems.  I was concerned, knowing the judge would spend very little time on our case.  

I knew the judge's decisions would affect our lives and the lives of our children too. Knowing that I didn't like the way courts do
things, I decided to take a chance and see what might be accomplished by using Jean's services (which came highly

I was impressed how effective Jean was in keeping the communication moving forward. There definitely were some rough
moments but with her skill and knowledge of the art of mediation, she calmed the storms, making it safe for both of us to open up
and communicate.  

She brought out the best in each of us, resulting in agreements made quickly and thoroughly!  

Jean is truly magical.  I am so thankful that I took the risk and stepped out of the mindset "that the judge will see my side" and
allowed Jean to help us.  

She made if safe for both of us to be there and to communicate.  This benefited not only our lives but the lives of our children too.  
Also, I see now that I have more time available to me;  I can put my attention on what I want to do with my time and money rather
then being busy building "a case."

Call Jean even if you don't think it will will be as amazed as I was.  I am grateful that we did the mediation with Jean.  All
my life is calmer and happy because we did :) ."


Email Jean if you want the same results with your divorce and/or marriage/separation help.
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