Nurse Erika Lehmier cares for the children
housed at Grafeneck Castle as though they
were her own. When the SS confiscates
Grafeneck, Erika discovers plans to turn the
castle into a treatment center that will end the
lives of children with disabilities.

One of her children, Heidi, has no visible
handicap, and thereby has a small chance to
escape the Nazi destruction, but for the rest,
Erika must find a way to escape—or face the
heartbreaking decision to give them a
peaceful death by her own hand.

Will she find a way out? Can she trust
Rickard, when he wears an SS uniform?

Jennifer resides with her husband and son in North
Carolina. She is member of CRW and RWA, she has been
writing for about three years.

She recieved a letter from President Bush Sr. for her work
as a volunteer guardian ad litem and she has worked as a
facilitator with the nurturing program.

Twenty-five years of nursing has given her a wide
perspective and a glimpse of loves multiple facets. For
more information about Jennifer, visit

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