To the left is Joshua
Watts, one of my
grandchildren, taken in
2003. Below is December
2004. To the left below
was taken 3/12/06.
Page created 10/2/08, modified
11/16/08, 11/1/09
Josh in front of some rocks
Josh on the beach
Josh reaching into a tree trying to get something
Joshua either hidding or spying from the bushes
Joshau Watts recycling where he made $59.00
Josh holding a lizard, one of the many he has
Josh holding a spider he just caught
Joshua searching for something under the Roman shield (plow shear)
The 4 pictures above and to the left were
taken 11/15/08.

The spider picture and the recycling picture
were taken on 11/16/08. Josh made $59.00
recycling on this date!

Below is Holloween 2009
Dynnel and Josh at less than one year old, Mo's first wedding
Joshua Watts Halloween 2009 in black custome and a cute smile
Joshua Allen Watts
Below, Joshua
is holding a
spider (h
e's not
worried about the
and in the
next 5 pictures
he was posing
for me to use
his picture in my
yet to be
published book:
Josh in front, Dylan riding with Jake. Mark and Chris pushing May 2010
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