Judgment of Self or Others?

The idea of “judgment” carries a lot of connotations or implied meanings.

There are eight definitions given on one site. The definition I'm talking about is
simply the ability to form a conclusion or opinion about something or
somebody or oneself.

I am particularly interested in forming opinions or conclusion about yourself.

Judging Others

Seems it says in the Bible judge not less ye (you) be judged. I have a problem
with that advice!

There is NO ONE I meet that I do not form an opinion about. Have you ever
met someone and had no thought about the wisdom of associating with them,
how they looked, who they are? How about the bum on the street, did you
form an opinion or just take him home for dinner?

Even if you took him home for dinner, you must have decided, formed an
opinion, that he needed a meal! Right! So you made a "judgment."

When I look at profiles on Twitter, I form an immediate opinion based on the
bio, the picture and the Tweets posted. I do judge. I may find I was wrong and
change my opinion, my judgment! There is a related article on

Slandering or Degrading Others

Just because you formed an opinion about someone, made a judgment call,
doesn't give you the right to spread your opinion about unless your opinion is
praise worthy and clearly understood as such.

Even then, you might want to hold your cards close, keep your mouth shut, as
you may be incorrect in your opinion due only to lack of full and accurate data.

Others Judging YOU!

Now this is a favorite method of control! Every time someone “judges” you,
they put you down.

People that “judge” others are NEVER CORRECT! Never!

They never, never have all the data. They shout out “opinions” which is very
often based directly and only off their own insanity!

I suggest you never take other's opinions or data without really inspecting it for
yourself and then, making your own decision!

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Keeping Your Own Council!

Only you have all your data! You are basically good and trying to do the right
thing, ALWAYS!

You may err and a second later realized you made a mistake, but at that
instant, you were right! If you will take a minute or several hours and review
your life, your “mistakes,” you will see that you were correct at the instant of

If you fail to see this, I suspect, you've been really beaten down by those
around you doing your thinking for you and constantly, incessantly, telling you
how stupid and wrong you are. By the way, that is their attempt to reduce you
down to powerless and control you!

Unfortunately, you will often handle yourself as other have handled you. Then
you, in turn, will handle others that way.

This cycle can be broken by you merely by spotting who did this to you. Scan
your life, you will see it.

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Cooperation and Correction

As you are dealing with fellow “humans”, there will be times they need

To survive well, you will normally need people to cooperate. But this
cooperation needs to be GIVEN, not commanded. People should be self-
determined! Self-determined people are sane. Commanded people are really
robots and insane. I have written a related article
How To Get Cooperation.

All “correction” is likely to get a defensive stance. When you "correct" you are
telling the person they were wrong.

You really must watch correcting others as they did the best they could. They
do this the same as you do! Related article
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I give details on how to correct without creating defense or upset. Related
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All this fits into the world's situations and Governments seeking to tell us what
to do when and charging us huge amounts of money to do it. Related article
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