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Nude in the Garden

Painting by Anders Zorn
Paintout - July 26


Paint It-Sell it!
Workshop  July 12
Page created 6/17/09

                It's Info for Artists

Dear Artist,

Not for collectors, or even galleries; this site is for
artists. Where are the opportunities? You can find
workshops, paint-outs, call to artists, and contests
etc. on TheArtEngine. If you have a workshop or
event - let us know.

It starts here. You have been selected for this
message because of your association with Julie
Snyder, the founder of site. You can get a
subscription at any time.
Subscribe for exclusive
ArtEngine events, seminars and podcasts.

Here's to creating great art!

Paint it...Sell it!

July 12th -McGroarty Arts Center -Tujunga

2 great events!

Nude in the Garden

July 26th Shadow Hills location
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