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The Art
THE ART OF SELLING...With or Without a Gallery.
A unique workshop event for artists ready to expand their sales
or those who want to break into the market and start selling their artwork.
VIVA Gallery, Sunday, September 27, 2009
9:30 am - 3:00 pm

Led by: Art Rep & Owner of DanielakArt; Margaret Danielak
& Award-winning Artist ; Julie Snyder

Find a good gallery to represent your work
Close sales by dealing effectively with buyers' objections
Use digital technology to reach new audiences
Really "work" your art
Think ahead, think positively and plan for the future!

V I V A   Gallery   13261 Moorpark Street
Sherman Oaks, CA  91423 (818) 385-0080
Cost: $75.00
Includes lunch and workshop info pack.

Sign Up Now!
2 ways to register, visit and pay through
PayPal link
Send a check for  $75.00  
payable to DanielakArt
P.O. Box 91656,  
Pasadena, CA  91109 - 1656

For more information call (626) 683-9922 or
or email us

Here's what one participant had to say
after taking Margaret Danielak's
Selling Art Workshop...

" sell my two paintings right at the "How
To Sell Your Art" workshop is well - pretty
amazing.  I'd call that a very helpful and
effective workshop. You might also like to
know that the woman who bought my two
paintings has asked me for a third so she
can hang them in a group - just exactly like
you suggested at the workshop.  

 -Nathalie D. -San Diego Artist
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