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Kelly Riley
Kelly Riley is a Berklee College of Music Alum, has opened for Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett, is a Top Prize Winner of
the Nashville Songwriter's Association International Competition, an Award Winner of the Great American Song
Contest, and a Lilith Fair Finalist.

Many of Kelly's songs have been featured  nationally and internationally on TV programs such as "The Young and the
Restless" and "One Life to Live".  Kelly's award-winning CD,  Live and You Learn has received rave reviews since its

Alan Andrade of Boston Soundcheck Magazine says of Kelly Riley: "Her voice is amazing, like a blanket on a raw
winter evening." Pat Pattison, the primary architect of the Songwriting Program at Berklee has this to say: "Writing,
singing, performing; Kelly Riley has it all".

To find more about Kelly and her music, visit her site:
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