Knowledge vs Authority                                061914

Knowledge covers facts that are considered true. Knowledge, when applied,
works the way it should.

Knowledge is knowable. Perhaps there is knowledge we can't know, but how
can we know about it?

So much for the old philosopher that said all knowledge worth knowing is
beyond human understanding. Of course that brings to question how did he
know it was there?

That leads right into AUTHORITY. That old dead wrong philosopher must
have been an authority!!

Authority is the rule and opinions of those with the guns and jails, whips and
drugs. Oh, they don't use whips today! Now authorities use electric shock.
Electric shock leaves fewer marks and more dead people.

The World is Flat

Of course we all know it is not flat. But in its day, the opinion was that the
Earth was flat.

This was in disregard to the curved horizon.

It did make sailors afraid they would fall off the edge of the world if they sailed
too far out.

To some degree, this kept the navy and merchants ships from sailing out
beyond the King or Queen's area of control.

But seems the common man often disregards authority and thus someone we
found out the planet is pretty round.

“There is no life in all the vastness of the universe except earth.” There's
some two dollar word for thinking man is the only intelligent life form in this
universe, I just can't recall what it is.

In researching the term, I find that man is alone in this universe is mostly
based on religious authority! I happen to totally disagree with them on that!

But that is just another poor effort to control mankind and keep him trapped on
this small planet.

Vaccines Are Safe and Protect You.

Thank goodness my stomach is strong as that is a revolting lie promoted by
the ama/bigpharma criminals. It's very profitable.

Vaccines promote and further illness and suffering on this planet. But for 100
years AUTHORITY as sold vaccines as good. Too few people notice how
they lie!

Perhaps a little investigation into
the facts is in order!

Cures vs No Cures

No cures is a profitable authoritarian medical viewpoint. On going treatment is
profitable. Treatment that has damaging side effects which lead to more
treatment is profitable.

There is no cure for diabetes, high-blood pressure, allergies and the list goes

Common sense says any organism that has been around as long as we
humans have, must heal itself pretty easily given a little assistance from good
food and rest.

Authority has it rigged so only medical people can practice medicine. Thank
goodness. I sure would not want to be guilty of their crimes.

The current medical operation is to drug first, second, third... or cut it out or
shoot it with deadly cancer causing radiation. Don't get me wrong, they do
save lives routinely!

I'm sure anyone can heal themselves but my small voice is over ridden by the
huge drug/medical advertising machine and AUTHORITY. Should I come out
and say I  have a cure for hunger, the fda swap team would land and pull me
out of my phone booth office!

Something Can be Done about it!

No, the main message you hear is nothing is going to change except to get

The cop knows the ticket will not stop people from speeding. Besides he
needs to meet his quota!

The media preaches 24-7 with overtime how horrible it is over there and in
your own back yard.

No one is good or cares. Nothing can be done.

Bull! They're full of it! Anytime we set ourselves to handle a problem, it gets

Only the government is completely incompetent. Big corporations have
become so corrupt that they can't effectively accomplish things.

Normal companies can get things done, sometimes :-)


I do have knowledge. I create a safe calm environment. Solutions happen
when I am present!

Often, situations calm when I put enough attention on them.

Knowledge gives control. Knowledge and control requires responsibility.

Knowing and being responsible doesn't mean I have to exercise control over
all I know about. It does give me the potential.

My Next Article

How to Align Humanity” will be the title.

To answer that, you need to observe what man is trying to do. Could he be
trying to survive?

I look and see he is trying to survive.

Watch for my next article.  Everything will be alright!

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you'd like expanded on or anything you'd like to see me write an article about.
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