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"A preclear, very often, when he is processed, is completely unintelligible about what he wants. You ask him, 'What do
you want?' And he'll say, 'I want to be happy.' Well, that is the biggest, the biggest swindle in this universe. That is the
great swindle: that one can live in this universe and, twenty-four hours a day, twelve months of a year or a hundred
units of galactic time be happy. He can't. It's impossible. Because he'd be miserable if he were.

"He himself is seeking drama, strain. I have never seen anyone enjoying life so well as some girl playing the beautiful
sadness of having been jilted. It's only when she can't play the beautiful sadness of having been jilted that the beautiful
sadness overcomes her and you have to start processing it.

"As an auditor you run into this in a case: This case has had the most remarkable love affairs, and it's done this and
that, and is perfectly happy to tell you about them, rather proudly. But always watch for that glint of pride under this.
This is not aberrative material. It's the time when they couldn't put out any kind of beingness, and so stopped and
dammed it in its flow, that they got into trouble. People then were working to refuse them the ability to be some specific
thing. They were refusing beingness."

L. Ron Hubbard      

Excerpted from the lecture
The Granting of Beingness which was delivered on 18 December 1953.   

This lecture can be found in the
2nd American Advanced Clinical Course.

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