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LRH Quote of the Week
1 April 2009

"Now, why did you arrive in the condition you are in? This is all this leads up to. It
wasn't actually that—of anything specific that you did. Yes, you have overts; yes,
these overts combined into certain motivators being more forceful upon you than
otherwise. But even if you hadn't had overts you still would have gotten the
motivators. You would have dreamed up something as an overt, don't you see?
"The oddity here is simply that if all this has happened to you and you've been
punished, then you must have had—been punished for some reason. So, you're
still trying to be reasonable and intelligent about it and this doesn't happen to be
true at all. The only reasons you were ever punished was for being you, for being
powerful and for not being quite intelligent enough. ...
"The exact crimes were to be there and to communicate. Those were the two

L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture The Free Being delivered on 9 July 1963. This lecture is available in the L. Ron
Hubbard Classic Series.

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