06 July 2010
"You want to know what sensation about living you ought to have: It's the same sensation with which you
used to play cowboy and Indian. You also know that it isn't real when you're playing cowboys and Indians.

"That, by the way, is on the upper strata of ecstasy. It really becomes ecstasy when you know you have
to pretend that it's real so that it can be real. You're really in command of the situation then, and you can
have a good time! It's fun. One of the biggest control mechanisms there are is: 'You've got to take this
seriously. You've really got to be serious about this. If you're serious enough about this—hm-hm-hm!—
you'll get somewhere in life.'

"The surest way to get nowhere in life is to be serious about it!"

L. Ron Hubbard  


Excerpted from the lecture
Basics of Scientology and Dianetics, Part I delivered on 21 September 1952.

This quote can be found on page 335 in Research & Discovery Volume 11 (not released in any other lecture series).

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