21 Sept 09

"Problems. How the preclear is being a problem. He should recognize that he is being his own
problem and that he is liable to sit there and be a problem to the auditor.  

"His total feeling for the race is that it's in such horrible state because it has so many problems.
He has never realized that every man is being his own problems. And without those problems he'd
have no randomity.  

"He hasn't realized, for instance, that the physical universe is there to create problems and life is
there to solve them. So when a person is creating problems, he is, just to that degree that he is
creating problems, enmeshed with the physical universe. ...

"Well, we want this preclear to be the solver of problems because that is life. That's the person
that adds up and summates ideas

L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture "Procedure 30: Step I, Opening Procedure by Duplication" delivered on 31 May 1954.
This lecture is part of the 6th American Advanced Clinical Course which has not been previously released.

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