8 Oct 09
"But do you get what I'm striving at here? The people were the ones who were causing the
problems, and when the preclear had Problems of Comparable Magnitude run flat, then these
people out here who hadn't been processed ceased to give him the problems. Mystic. Mysterious,
isn't it? Sort of like how do you influence things at a distance and all that sort of thing. ...

"So, this factor we don't have our fingers on. But we could theorize and say that the person
himself carries along the restimulative factors which set commotions into action in his vicinity. In
other words, that an individual carries with him the enturbulence which restimulates others and
causes them to react against him."

L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture Tone 40 on an Object delivered on 6 July 1957.

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