15 Dec 09
"You see, a Clear can't necessarily do anything. See, by definition he doesn't do certain things.
Do you see that? Of course, this means his abilities are up too, but this wasn't the goal. It was to
stop him from doing a lot of things which he really didn't want to do in the first place. OT is an
educated Clear. Now he's educated, see. He's doing. And he's a fellow who can do. You see?
You might say you uncover the basic personality of a preclear by clearing him. Well, that's fine,
but all you've done is uncover his basic personality. Yes, this is a miraculous state: the entire
systems of religion have pegged at this thing since time immemorial. I mean, this is glorious and
all that, but remember something: that he can't do anything.

"Now, he gets so that he can do things which are out of agreement with, so that he's at cause
over matter, energy, space, time and life, and we've educated him. And the funny part of it is that
it's education that makes the OT, or confidence in the exercise of his abilities, which should be a
better definition for education."

L. Ron Hubbard      

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Excerpted from the lecture "Course Procedure Outlined - Question and Answer Period", delivered on 16 July

This lecture can be found in the 20th Advanced Clinical Course lectures, otherwise known as the First Postulate

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