From: Nancy Vaughan <>
Date: Friday, March 13, 2009, 12:26 PM

Dear Friends,
LRH says:
“So many tricks have been entered into the economics systems, and so many political fixations exist that a manager is often
very hard pressed trying to bring about solvency for his activity.
“Money can be manipulated in a thousand different ways.
“There are ‘speculators’ who seek to buy something (like land) cheaply and sell it dear. Or sell it dear, depress the market and
buy it back cheaply. In either case they make a profit…
“Or he finds a crummy politician like Hitler, builds him a war machine, gets paid back out of the plunder of Europe before
Hitler collapses…
“All these and a thousand thousand other systems for making money, indulged in to often, spoil CONFIDENCE and destroy
“Eventually a whole religion like communism will grow up dedicated only to the destruction of capitalism. What has been
dropped out is the idea of EXCHANGE.
“Money is to represent something because it is not anything in itself but an idea backed by confidence.
“It can represent gold or beans or hours of work or most anything as long as the thing it represents is real.
“There has to be enough of the thing that money represents. By making the thing scarce, money can be manipulated and
prices sent soaring.
“Economics by reason of various manipulations can be made into the most effective trap of the modern slave master.
“Periodically through history, not just in current times, monied classes or those believed to control money have been torn to
bits, shot, stoned, burned and smashed. The ancient Pharaohs of Egypt periodically lost their country through tax abuses.
“Money, in short, is a passionate subject.
“Modernly, the lid is coming off the economic pot which is at a high boil…
“If one is living in a money economy, then bills are solved by having far more than ‘enough money’ and not spending it
foolishly. One gets far more than ‘enough money’ by understanding the principles of EXCHANGE and applying them.
“In another type of economy such as a socialist state, the principles still work.
“The principles of exchange work continuously. It does not go high and collapse as in speculation or demanding money but
failing to deliver. Or delivering and not demanding money…
“Once you discover what people want that you can deliver, you can go about increasing the demand or widening it or
making it more valuable, using standard public relations, advertising and merchandising techniques.
“The fundamental is to realize that EXCHANGE is the basic problem.”
This full HCO PL can be found in the FINANCE SERIES, which is in Management Series Volume 3. This volume contains the PR Series,
Marketing Series, Art Series and Finance Series. Management Series Vol 3 is available for $155.00 full price and $139.50 IAS member
There are 3 Management Series Volumes available (with CD Rom) for $465 full price and $418.50 IAS member price. These volumes
include the Data Series, Admin Know-How Series, Target Series, Computer Series, Exec Series, Personnel Series, Org Series and
Establishment Series. You can order any or all of these from ASHO and I will ship them to you at no shipping charges to you.
Owning and getting through the Basics of
Scientology and using LRH Tech and Administrative Policy is how you will become or continue to
be a success in all areas of your life.
If you do not have all your Basics and Congresses now is the time to get them and study them. The knowledge for surviving this current
society is in the books and lectures! Use them well.

ARC, Nancy Vaughan
Materials Consultant ASHO Day

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