Lament of a Homo Sapien

Why is life not fair?
Why do problems seem to fly through the air?
The wife is not here, no one is here.

I’m alone.
Thank the gods for the radio and music sounding through the air!

Life’s not fair.
Since I was little I’ve only tried to do what was right, to live

e happy, to help others.
I drew a picture which was really good.

The teacher said I must have traced it and I was just looking for
compliments like the others!

That crashed my day.
True I did trace it but not with paper over paper

but with my mind and my eye!
It was art and she was but a tart!
My reach was trashed as I liked her wanted her compliment

but now the downward spiral was at a start.

I grew over time forgetting the old hag.
I never drew again; my talent trashed.
I tried other means of creating effects.
Ha I could always cause trouble enough to make the hag gag!

As more time passed, I knew not what to do. College I tried.
Love, I thought, passed by my eyes.
More time gone. No longer was I going up hill, but down.
I tried the army but it was an idiot’s game going down.

It seemed that every attempt to create

goodness and beauty were not noticed and met with travail.
Efforts were noticed and rewarded with pain.

It was said, no pain, no gain, my efforts failed to prevail.

Then I met a girl, nay, I met a woman and the downwards fall turned up.
We started a family and did that liven things up!
The more children, the more activity and life;

Life became a delicious cup!

More time passed and eventually the woman passed too.

Why is life not fair?
There was no spring in the air!
It seemed life was going off square.
But I continued none the less and eventually had to come up for air!

A short time passed and I reached out

I reached
for a perfect solution to my desolation.
I wanted a new life, a new wife to end my isolation.
With persistence and insistence, I found

and convinced her to be my solution,
An end to my desolation!

She said yes. The lamenting ended. Life is beginning anew, again!

It’s spring time no matter what the season,
And, she’s the reason!

Carl Watts


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