“Laughter” could be defined commonly as: the expression of certain
emotions, mirth, delight, series of spontaneous or created sounds
accompanied by broad smiles or similar facial expressions.

I would add to that: laughter is the rejection of illogical ideas. If you recall,
jokes are rarely logical.

“Harmony” could be defined commonly as: a smooth blending of sights,
sounds, environment, goodwill; a smoothness in life; agreement and so

on. The two kittens played in harmony. The fall leaves turning color
created a harmonious blend of colors.

Laughter that is harmonious is fun, clean and healthy. Laughter that is
forced or hysterical is truly noise like the cackle of a witch or the glee of
insanity people express when hurting something.

As additional data, where you do not find harmony you won't find true

Anger, antagonism, covert hostility, grief, apathy are not harmonious. Nor
do these low emotional tones have any true laughter. They don't get jokes.
Their “laughter” is perverted, ill, filled with discord and pain.

On Twitter, I have various friends. These friends often evoke laughter in
me. These same friends always strike cords of harmony in my universe.

They are true friends regardless of how far away they are. They are
friends even though we have not physically met.

I can feel the laughter and harmony in their lives. It crosses space and

time without the physical universe lag of distance.

I just realized I was going to write this as a poem. So with that, lets see
what happens!

Since I wrote the poem portion specifically for my Canadian friends, I guess
I should like you know who they are. They are the incredible people at

©2011  by Carl Watts/ 10/27/11 edited 110812 061813
Amber Harmony

Late at night the cabin glows
With mystical being the laughter grows
All throughout the nite harmonious sounds
Musical notes are making the rounds

Come morning the sun being up
They rise drinking from mystical cups
Coffee they call it
For the gods it's fit

Around the table they dwell
Preparing to work hard as hell
To humanity they say
Listen up, enjoy the day

Together they continue to create
Continue to create future worth the wait
From that small point of northern land
Harmony spreads throughout the hearts of man

Beauty, laughter, harmony all in delight
Guided by one to create all through the night
Creations calming the water of storm
Harmony and laughter making us warm.

Man is fortunate to have such beautiful creators filled with mirth
Creators, Laughing harmoniously, giving more than our worth
Artistic creators making beautiful futures for Man
Music, beauty, harmony across all the land

Thank you Amber :-)
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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