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    Leisa Collins

    Born into an artistic family in Auckland,
    New Zealand, Leisa began painting the
    natural wonders surrounding her at a very
    early age.  At 17 she embarked upon
    formal art training but after only a few
    months opted to learn her craft through
    capturing on canvas the beauty of the
    countryside. Exploring every nook and
    cranny of New Zealand, she financed her
    adventures by selling her work as she

    She returned to Auckland and set up her
    own studio and gallery where she held her
    first of many solo exhibitions.  After
    mastering acrylics she added watercolor,
    pen and pastel to her repertoire. She also
    began receiving a steady flow of
    commissions for her landscape and house
    portrait works.  

In 1978 Leisa became increasingly involved in socials issues, including a growing movement to restore land rights to
New Zealand’s indigenous Maori and she depicted their struggles through her art.  Four years later, she decided to
answer the call for activism on a global scale. While mainly based in Los Angeles, Leisa’s activities took her to six
continents and gave her a firsthand view of diverse cultures and social inequities.  She continued her art in her free
time, creating drawings and paintings for friends and relatives.  

In early 2009, Leisa decided to once again make art her primary focus.  Drawing on her global insight, her newest
works are mainly studies of people. Expressed in semi-abstract swirls, translucent shadows and ethnic patterns, her
works convey raw emotion—whether shining the light on social injustice or communicating the power of the human spirit.

Her artistic influences range from impressionists Monet and Renoir, masters of expressionism van Gogh and Edvard
Munch, Picasso, and the message driven works of Francisco de Goya, Andrew Wyeth and John Steuart Curry. She
also draws on cultural art forms, especially African and Polynesian.

She is currently creating new works for exhibitions she will be holding in the United States and New Zealand to mark her
re-immergence into the artistic arena.  She continues to work on social issues through her art related projects and
receives commission requests from various parts of the world -- a challenge she enjoys immensely.  

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