Bing Singer
                        by Leigh Ann Lemire

    Here's What People are Saying
    about Bing Singer...

    "Wow, I really enjoyed your story.  It was upbeat and  
    uplifting.  Bing had the right attitude about things.   You
    had  a message about the evils that can befall people
    and how production can pull them out of it.  And, I
    always like a happy ending with the girl/guy getting
    married.  It was well written."  CW

    "Bing Singer is a joyful story about a person who loves
    to sing and dance and create joy for himself and
    others. He is truly a person of goodwill. He loves to
    travel and in his travels he comes across a wolf who
    has an idea of having a Bing singer meal, and is
    dissuaded of the idea. Bing singer earns the trust of
    the wolf by helping him with a painful mouth situation
    then shares a meal with him.The wolf returns to help
    Bing singer over and over in the story. A kindness is
    given and is returned tenfold.

    'Bing finds a town in his travels that the occupants have
    lost their faith in others because of being betrayed by
    them.  The occupants demonstrate what occurs when
    a populace becomes addicted to drugs, and starts the
    road to decay.  Bing works hard to help the occupants,
    and turns the situation around for them.  He meets his
    lady love in the process.
This is a wonderful story that demonstrates that no matter how tough and impossible a situation seems, something can be done about it.  
Hope is restored and trust regained.  In reading this story, don't be surprised if you cannot put it down until you are finished it. DG
"This is a wonderful story full of delightful side stories woven into a great tale, like a beautiful Tapestry. The Bing Singer, while merrily
singing and dancing along his way, managed to change a sad situation into a beautiful new way of life. I loved it from beginning to end."

"Ever wondered if one peaceful man could make an impact on the world around him?  Or if what you do affects others?  Well the Bing
Singer will answer those questions for you.  The attitude Bing Singer brings to those answers them clearly. Well written, easy to read
story the Bing Siner by ILIA is one of those moral stories that are not in your face but get the message across beautifully.  Highly
recommended!" LH

Here's the Sneak Peek:

Once upon a time there was a very tall guy that walked with a dance in his step.  Bing Singer was his name, it was his song that gave him

He was a jolly chap that walked with a tap.  With a huge smile he would jump in the air to click his heels together while singing his melody
that was so fun to hear.

Bing Singer was a traveling kind of fellow.  He had traveled near and far.  His little cottage was filled with treasures that he had
accumulated over the years.  And, if you have a while to visit Bing, he will entertain you with the most wonderful tales of lands, people and

On a late summer day, with nothing left to do to prepare for the upcoming cold weather, while sitting on his front porch soaking up the
sunshine, Bing was bored.  He was so utterly bored his shoulders had started to droop and he could hardly keep his eyes open.  Blinking
often, very drowsy and dreading the thought of not having a thing to do, Bing nearly fell asleep sitting up.

With a jerk of his head when his chin hit his chest and a blink of his eyes, Bing realized that he had to drag himself up and do something.  

Tired as he was from not having any chores left to do and as hard as it was to get himself in motion, Bing did it and shook off the fatigue.  
He stamped to the left and stamped to the right  while he started humming his song and looking around for something to do when
suddenly he had a bright idea to take a trip to the mountain region that was to the north.  

The preparations were fast once he made up his mind.  He closed his shutters against any storms that may occur while he was on his
trip.  Then he left a note on the table as a greeting for any travelers that may happen by while he was away.  He rapidly packed up some
clothes and supplies, then set out on a worn path that led to the mountains.

Smiling now that he had a plan, Bing Singer sang his song while walking happily along…

Bing ba ba ling
La la la la ving
Sing ala ging
Oh la la ling

Ving va va ling
La la la la shing
Sing ala ging
Oh va va ving

Shing sha sha bing
La la la la ying
Sing ala ging
Oh sha sha shing

Fing fa fa zing
La la la la ping
Sing ala ging
Oh fa fa fing
Oh, that song really shook the last remainders of boredom out of Bing and boy, did he sing.  It was a song of joy.  Birds chimed in,
butterflies fluttered by and the wind ran its fingers through the leaves of the trees to create a background melody to the song.  Bing was
propelled forward with delight.

On this fair summer day, Bing found that climbing the hills before the mountain were a breeze because the song made him happy and
being chipper gave him energy.  Before he knew it, he was so far along the path that he could no longer see his cottage when he looked

Bing, who was by now very lively, moved forward with a spring in his steps and a song on his lips, and wound up by the base of the
mountains right before nightfall.

Being such an experienced traveler, he found himself a nice place to camp that was sheltered from the wind by trees and rock outcrops.  
Satisfied that the camp site was ideal, Bing left his packs, then set out to find firewood and food for the evening.

The nearby trees in the woods towered high overhead.  The magnificent trees spread their branches over the smaller plants and
saplings.  It was a great place to explore and Bing did so with gusto.  He merrily made his way into the forest admiring the trees high
overhead and the plants that comfortably grew sheltered beneath.  He marveled at the sun beams that found their way to the ground
through the network of branches and leaves.  Wonder after wonder the marvels of the forest presented themselves from birds calling to
one another about his presence, to animals scurrying to get out of sight and curious insects buzzing around his head.

Walking this way and that, admiring the plants, flowers, bushes and trees, Bing was surprised to find so much good food in the forest.  
Jolly at such luck in finding fruit, greens, roots, flowers for tea and rabbit, Bing set off on his merry way back to the campsite with his arms
full.  He walked briskly with branches and twigs bundled together held by a strip of fabric with carrying handles, a woven bag with his
other finds on the other arm and a rabbit tied over his shoulder.  It was sure a great idea to come on this trip, look at the bounty the land
has to offer thought he.

With imaginings of a terrific dinner in mind, Bing made it to his camp site in record time.  He went around the rocks that protected his site
with his mouth watering just thinking about the delicious dinner to come.   Nearly lost in thought, Bing stopped so abruptly that he
practically left skid marks.

His bright feelings and the skip in his step left abruptly to be replaced with extreme caution because Bing arrived back to his camp with
company awaiting him.  It was not the company that one would particularly enjoy sharing a camp with.  His company was about two
hundred pounds, covered in gray fur tinged with silver on the tips with a big snozola for a nose, large round black eyes and the hugest
teeth you never would want to see so close.  For one split second the two looked each other right in the eye.  It was a teensy moment
when time just stopped.  Almost a moment that wasn’t even worth writing about but for the fact that it was such a powerful and intense
moment between man and beast.

Without any hesitation or warning, the wolf lunged.  It was a magnificent lunge of a huge wild beast who with a simple spring was able to
project his body into the air with great agility.  The velocity of the lunge was spectacular.  It was as if the wolf had been shot out of a
missile pad to fly across yards of earth.

No time to think about what to do, Bing was nearly as fast as the wolf.  He dropped his bundles while lifting a branch in one swift motion,
set his feet apart to brace himself and was as prepared as he had the chance to be.   Which happened to be just in time!

Bing got to see the wolf projectile coming at him in fast motion.  He could smell the foul breath of the wolf and see the drool dripping from
his jaws.  Mostly, Bing saw the jaws opening wider as the wolf got closer – as if he wanted to gulp Bing Singer down in one bite.  The
wolf really looked GIGANTIC!

At an arms length away, the wolf thought he had totally won this day.  His eyes glistened with the idea of easy victory.  His mouth watered
even more making his teeth shine bright with a glint from the setting sun.  The idea of a great dinner of a man was foremost on his mind.  
He was looking forward to the first appealing bite, just sinking his teeth into human flesh and grinding to the bones.  

Then he arrived.  

Mouth open wide.

The exquisite feeling of a great kill in mind.

Teeth closed in and, SNAP! CRUNCH!...

Stay Tuned:  The book will be available online!

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