Help Your Neighborhood Succeed While You Yourself
    Prosper   by Leigh-Ann Lemire

    Would you like to have your art well known and be able to sell to a lot of people? Do you want to quit your day job and
    work only on your art?

    In order to accomplish the above feats, you have to get your name out there consistently. You need to be very
    noticeable and attract lots of attention. This isn't as hard as it may seem, read on for a very simple but effective method
    to accomplish the above while also helping your fellow creative friends and making your community prosperous.

    The downtown Los Angeles Arts District gives an example of how artists can make an area prosper. The area used to
    be ruins, a degraded place with boarded up buildings empty buildings. Ten years ago artists started coming into the
    area and now it is famous, no longer degraded but affluent and flourishing and safe. There are many examples of this
    phenomena in other towns and cities, but basically when artists come into an area and create, the neighborhood stops
    going downhill and starts up. Buildings are bought and repaired and businesses open.

    Right now there are a lot of empty buildings, offices, car lots, shops in strip malls, many due to the recession. It would
    make a great impact if artists used these empty spaces for creating. What better use could you imagine?

    Here is a workable project that is almost free to start. It can help your neighborhood, and bring success to you and your
    artist friends.

    This is what you do:

    1. Find local talented folks to help you with the project. Look for painters, poets, musicians, singers, performers,
    fine crafters, etc.

    You can find other artists by placing a free ad on craigslist, or, local newspaper websites. Search for more
    free classified sites in your area. Put in your zip code so you will be dealing with local artists.

    Make postcards or flyers to hand out to the neighborhood.

    Put the flyers in the local businesses.

    Ask friends and neighbors if they know any creative folks. You can even knock on doors to find people that are talented.

2. Once you have people to work with, create a presentation pack. You do not need to be elaborate with this presentation.

At an office supply store you can buy white glossy paper (about $10), clear plastic sheet covers (100 for about $11) and a presentation binder

For every creative person, create a presentation sheet that has a picture of the artist and his/her artworks, a brief bio, comments and contact
info. Put it together in your presentation pack.

3. Next locate vacant buildings in your neighborhood and find someone to be the salesperson. The artists will create in the empty
building and the salesperson will be selling the artworks.

It is possible to find someone interested in selling artwork by just asking friends, family or neighbors who need work. The sales person you
choose will have to get a tax permit, which you get by contacting the state tax office by phone or on the internet. Usually they are free, but some
states require a fee or bond. A local business license is also required in some cities or towns - you will have to check at city hall. Pay your
sales person on commission and inspire him or her to sell more by offering bonuses when the sales go over a certain amount.

When you find the building you want to use, find the owner or real estate agent responsible for the property.

4. Set up a meeting with the owner or agent and do a presentation. Say that you are with a group of artists who want to do something to
get the building leased - that will make the owner or agent interested.

5. Spotlight your presentation on the profits to the proprietor/real estate agent. Use these guidelines:

The way to get the building leased fast is to get artists into the area to create there because each time that artists go into an area, the
commerce picks up, buildings get leased or sold and the community flourishes. It has been proven to work time and again.

You can bring up the Los Angeles Arts District as an example of a place where artists succeeded and raised the general standards of the

Then show the presentation pack to the realtor/owner of the artists that will be creating there.

6. In case the owner requires insurance for you to use the space, partner with a local Alternative School or charity - both of these entities will
have the insurance required.

7. Create and Set Out Signs.

Signs can be created on wood, poster board or A-frames. Create colorful signs with arrows indicating the way that read "Artists at Work",
"Artists Ahead" and so on. The signs need to be put out on both sides of the street starting at about 50 yards and getting closer. If you created
a sign on wood or poster boards, you can easily attach those to poles with bungee cords. Tying balloons to the signs will help to attract

8. Begin work.

In the space that you procure, bring completed artworks for the salesperson to sell, then set up a space to create. The artists only need to be
concerned with creating, the salesperson with selling. One art form helps to inspire another one, so there will be no lack of inspiration and a
beautiful energy will be created that will get attention and sales.

9. Persist.

Maybe you won't sell anything in the first hour or on the first day. But if you keep creating and keep pulling in attention, sales will follow. Persist!

10. Do promotion that will get you noticed in your area.

Create flyers and place in the local stores.

Invite newspaper representatives, someone from local radio stations, galleries, gift stores, etc., to come visit.

Write a press release for newspapers. Two web pages that can help you with this are:
release-tips-aamp-generator tells you how to write a press release and
services gives you the data on how to distribute it.

Social sites also give you free promotion. Put up posts about what you and your artists group are doing and about the newest artworks on
which you are working. Especially use Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Be sure to invite creative individuals that stop by to join you.

The more that you attract attention, the better your project will become. The longer that you persist with creating in the space that you procured,
the better your sales and the more you will see your community start to flourish.

After a bit you may discover that your building has been leased or sold. Not a stop for your project. Since you will be helping the new tenant get
business - something always necessary - have the agent or owner put in his recommendation that you stay in the space.

To help other artists and communities flourish, pass this around. It is a free project, beneficial to all.

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Leigh Ann can be contacted at her websites:
Artists Mall
Art World Ads
I AM! direct
Help 2 Succeed
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