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Life Amongst Mortals

Fact or Fiction

This was written to entertain myself and any who might read it. I'm fully certain that it will disturb some people. Some will
find it interesting. Many will simply say I'm crazy. Some will become very upset.

Regardless, what is true for you is truth. If this doesn't ring as truth for you, disregard it. For truth must be real for you!

The latter two types, mentioned above, probably don't know who or what they are and can only stick their heads in the
sand and hope. They will not be able to disregard this message. Perhaps one or two people will join me...

The Message

I’ve been noticing lately how the gods seemed to have retired or faded from the scene here on planet Earth.

It brings back memories of the “good old days” when the gods were still playing games here on Earth. The legends of the
Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Gods are much more truth than legend.

The only thing wrong with the legends is that the facts got all twisted by the mortals who passed them along.

Many of the messiahs of the past, that came along, were trying to revive some of the gods and to lead them to higher
states. These past messiahs are so misquoted that very little of the truth that they taught came down through the
translations in the past thousands of years.


Not only were there translation errors but many facts were intentionally deleted or altered.

Ignorant men, who think they only live one life, are easy to control! Immortals are very difficult to control.

So one by one, the gods who played with the mortals took on mortal forms. While it is fun to enjoy a mortal form, they
soon forgot who they were. They forgot what they were doing and forgot what they are.

I mean even amongst the mortals, how many times have you heard people say, “If I only knew who I am.” Or “If I could only
fine myself” or some other plaintively sad searching for themselves.

Here and there, there are gods left on this planet. I am not alone. But they are weakened. They have been weakened by
the only force powerful enough to weaken them. They have been weakened and trapped by themselves.

Makers of Gods

There are Makers of Gods* about too. I know of one other for sure. But he’s taken a leave of absence from Earth and has
gone off another planet perhaps to help another species other than man. His task is to wake up the gods on that planet
just like he did here with many.

As I walk through this world, I see the scenes moving about this mortal body; the body that I use to look through to view
this life. I use this body to communicate with others on this planet.

Sometimes when I communicate directly to other beings, they fail to get that it is a communication from me and think it is
their own thoughts. But that’s not so bad, I often laugh at their reaction to their own actions. Very often, they do know.

Thought, Emotion, and Effort

Another point is that it is often difficult to keep the emotions, efforts and thoughts of others from becoming overwhelming.
You lose the truth about you. Then you think you feel “this way” or you think “this way.” It’s very difficult as so many on Earth
are so bad off that their very existence is like a contagious disease.

Their insanity radiates out around them. These people are not human. They have gone from a possible distant past of
being a guardian of the wood or an angel to being evil spirit trapped in the body of what looks like a man or woman.

On the other hand, sometime you find someone who radiates calmness and sanity. Around those, actions work, results
occur and good things happen for man. Those people who can create this type effect are demigods at the least and
certainly not human because they are far above humans, the "norm". The very fact that we have some degree of
civilization left is owed to these beings who have good intentions towards all.

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As I walk through life, I see the struggle intensifying. Mostly because the humans, who are just trying to survive, are
ignorant of the big picture. They can’t and will not confront the evil going around them. They aren’t knowledgeable enough
to take a stand together and reach for higher levels of existence.

I’ve tried to alert them. Time and time again I’ve been asked to not send data about the darkness and evil by my friends
and my family. It’s upsetting to them. I hope ignorance is bliss because eternity is a long time and it’s in front of us. We
are immortal.


However, I am confident that my actions and the actions of the few who are aware will be enough to allow man to survive.
Many people are working towards survival!

While I know I am a maker of gods, like the other gods, I find my power held back and not as strong as it once was. I am
working on that so that I may awaken the rest of my friends. If I succeed, we will all have a bright future.

If I fail, there will be darkness about for many. For some, even though they will continue to inhabit human forms over and
over, existence will be less and less bright for an eternity to come. We are immortal.


No past torture could ever match a future of endless oblivion for gods and spirits that love to create aesthetics, gods that
love to hear a child’s laughter, that love to love but will no longer be able to do these things. Trapped forever into solid
matter completely unaware they even exist, those pleasures will be more and more rare and may vanish forever if the evil
has its way and takes over.

But there is hope. I continue to study and work to return to a higher level of truth and knowledge of my abilities. I know of
many more that work to do the same and we are strong!

Those abilities alone have been enough and will continue be enough to stay the tides of darkness, to thwart the purveyors
of evil and bring a brighter day for man. The more we regain our abilities the easier and more fun the game will be.

Problems and Artists

Problems are everywhere. They aren’t important. A return of your abilities is important. You are immortal.

As an artist, I strive to write poetry that gives man a reach to greater space and abilities. The abilities are there in all of us.

As a writer, I attempt to convey hope and visions of freedom and peace.

As a maker of gods, I better start rattling a few cages and waking up a few gods to help out with the task on this planet.
As an immortal, are you one of my sleeping gods?



So I encourage all to look at the goodness and envision a great bright eternal future.

There are no shortages on this planet. ALL scarcities are created. The government is sitting on assets enough to bail out
the United States* and eliminate taxes forever but they will not be used, considering the intentions of those pulling the

When there are enough strong good people, we can change the future in the right direction.

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Your Freedom

I’m working to form a team and predict we will all go free. If you want to know how you can help, let me know. The first
target is for YOU to go free. You are immortal so you can be eternally trapped or you can go free…Your first step is to
desire change!

My love and admiration goes out to all men, women and children on our small planet. The future is great! I say so. The
future is bright! I say so. To you, my immortal friends, I say “Make it so!”

@Poet_Carl_ Watts

ps: To those that read this and think how it’s a lot of bull: Consider your own future, your children’s future, your grandchildren,
nieces and nephews, what will their future be? See my article:
Conflicts on Earth. Where do you plan to be after the body you are in
now drops dead? You hope there is a heaven for you and pray there isn't hell for you! But you are immortal and will be in neither.
You really can’t even deny that! I’ll see you in the future but will you recognize me? Not in your current state! You won’t even know
who you are or who you have been. You are immortal my friend, like it or not and there is no getting away from here unless you go
free. I’ll remember and I’ll still help you if I can…

*"Maker of Gods" is defined: a God, who know it, and creates other Gods. All have the same abilities though may choose not to know it.
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

©2008 Carl Watts Edited 010213

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