Limitations                                        6/5/14

A limitation is a restriction. It is something that holds you back or restricts you.
A limitation implies a lack of ability or a weakness.

Man has been convinced he has many limitations. “Real life” force seems to
have proven he's weak and lacks ability.

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So we see Homo sapiens struggling along sometimes with almost "one foot in
the grave." Interesting, if we look, we might see many of our fellow-men are
busy trying to push everyone else over the edge.

Many of the more pathetic people are actively falling into the grave and at the
same time, trying to pull everyone around them down with them!

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The Insane

Behind the people pushing people into the grave, we find the true insane.

The insane are the #banksters, the #elite, #warmongers, #mainstream
#media, #bigpharma and #psychs/medicos!

True, there are insane that are not powerful, but nagging, invalidating little
people. They are too weak to pull the rug out from under people so they just
pour a little oil on the surface so people slip, injure themselves or fall ill.

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You Can't Do That!

How many times have you been told that?

How many times did this stop you from even attempting something?

How many times did you do exactly what they said you can't do?

This gets very common and every day! No left turns the sign says. Don't
change lanes the solid line says. No parking. “Stop!” says the big red sign
ever few hundred feet.

Sometimes I cross those lines, go in the out-door. I do these things because I
am in control.

There are times, I follow the rules, the lines.

I do not desire to be cited by a revenuing official! Revenuing is collecting
taxes or fines. #Obamacare is revenuing by the government for the
#ama/#pharmaceutical industries.

Normally, I choose my battles!

What Are the Abilities of a Human Being?

Here is where many people might disagree. This maybe from fear of others
or self. It maybe that they have been convinced so many times that it is
painful to think outside the box.

Mom's are always encouraging children by saying “you can do anything”!

That statement is one hundred percent accurate!

How did the mom lift the car off the child? How come some people seem to
read minds or foretell the future?

Or more common, how did he become rich or famous despite everything?

Another superhuman feat, as a writer, is how did I get you to read my article?

As a being, your abilities are far greater than you ever been allowed to

I should point out that I am not talking about the abilities of your body.

I am talking about you and your abilities!

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of man's hidden abilities:
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Sometimes You Have to Disagree!

I'm not telling you to disagree with your spouse. She or he is probably
correct. See if you can figure out how this maybe true. By doing so, you
probably will find the disagreement vanishes as you become more
reasonable and analytical.

I am suggesting that there are times that you should disagree with the
barriers presented by others or by the physical universe. The poem I
suggested above,
Infinity, gives some suggestions.

Another thing that will nail you down is hate.

All too often, there are reasons to hate! Very good, convincing reasons!

Here I would suggest you disagree. The offered target, for you to hate, is
often not guilty of the actions they are accused of!

From their viewpoint, they are correct. I explain this in my article:
You Are

Try loving them or admiring them! Doing so is sanity and a possible
expansion of your abilities. Hate is insanity and will bury your abilities further
under the garbage!

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