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1/22/08 I studied a book entitled "Science of Survival" by L. Ron Hubbard.  
On page 113: “A Culture is as rich and capable of surviving as it has imaginative artist, skilled men of science, high ethic level,
workable government, land and natural resources, in about that order of importance.”

When I read this, I realized that I was and still am the artist that he was talking about and to, that I needed to personally take
responsibility to create a better culture and a future. A  better culture, a world without war, crime or insanity is what I am seeking to
create! This is my long term goal. Spreading art, I believe, helps! Helping people be
healthier or wealthier, helps!  Celebrity
Centre is where to go as an artist receive help!

In a category of it's own for helping the world,
See: Artists For A Better World!

Artists Helping Artists

More Art, Inc.

Lauren Lionheart Painting and Drawing

Bukisa Get paid to write articles informative useful articles! Highly recommended!

McGroarty Arts Center

Poetry Super Highway

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month)

Timothy Phillips Author

Grace Sylke Poet and multi-media artists

Diane McCloskey Author and Poet

Anne Fewell Poet

Brian Wingate poet


Jon von Gunten Poet

Karen Cantwell Author/poet

Jenna Ringle Poet

David L Tidman Poet

Herbie Katz Poet

Kelly Reno Author, President CCI Writers Guild

Ludwig Bouwer Poet

Alex Lake writer

Rhonda LaRoy singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer

Barbara McNally Poet

Dean & Pam Blehert Poets and Author

Cindy Temps Poet

Christine R Juss Poet

Stories from the Golden Age

Steven Aguilera Author and artist

Sherry Luchette musician, author, teacher

LorriLee Poet, painter

Rooks, Sharen author

Nicole Gates Author

Shelia E. Lipsey Author

Angela H. Brown Author

Christopher Mercon
The Night Sky Story
Flight Poem

Varand poet

Russell Salamon Poet

Louis P Jones Poet

E. Pearl Clayton Author

Jon Batson author and songwriter

Rick Mizuno Author, Poet, Speaker

Martha Stilson Poet

Thom Severtson poet

Donald Conley Poet

Christine Kane writer, singer and more

ILIA Author

Ron Kule Author

Larry Jaffe Poet

LD Sledge Author
Nimrod's Peril book
You Can't Keep Me Prisoner-award winning poem
Who Are You? poem

Martin Dubow Author

Horst Mehler Author and Publisher
Present Time Books  Email:

Linda Asato Editor and Writer

Kate McClanaghan of SOUND ADVICE 323.464.0990

Theta Media Group Audio Recording/Video Production/Graphic & Web Design

Vahé Mansourian Paintings, Film Making, illustrations, graphic designs
and photography

Mira N. Mataric International award winner!
See four of her poems

National Novel Writers Month Contest

Karen Drew Poem

Marcy Ann Eiben Poems
Deaths Window
My Mother
Nature and Life
Flourish and Prosper.

Bob Smith Book
"The Basics of Surfboard Design"

Fraser Kee Scott Gallery Director
The Soldier and The Violin Poem
The Red Man and The Humming Bird  Poem
Who's in Front of You? Poem
Dreamtime Poem
It's Time to Fight, For Human Rights Poem (He's like it made into song)
"The Artist" Poem
All You Are" Poem
The Most Important Things for Survival as an emerging artist, in order of importance
Top Ten Tips to Sell Your Art!!!!

Deborah Dunham
"The things about Moms and Foods"

Carlos Alien
Comments On Prop 8
Comments on Civil Rights or Civil Righteousness

E. B. Neal Poet and Author
For Jett
Thug Alert
Silver Drops.
Mystery Mind.

Christopher J Owen
Total Freedom Poem Email
Circle of Redemption Story

Christine Kane singer-songwriter
Stop A Recession in its Tracks! Article

Diane Klein Book "In the Name of Help, a novel exposing psychiatric
abuse" email:

Brian Laesch Book Verge of Psychosis: An Aspiring Actor's Journal

Tina Marie Turbin
Danny the Dragon

Mario Feninger
"Can We Create Artists?" article

Leigh Ann Lemire  
Ti Ana and The Giant
A Christmas Fairy Tale
Leigh Ann can be contacted at anyone of her sites:
Artists Mall
Art World Ads
I AM! direct
Help 2 Succeed
Fine Art, Design & Literary Works by ILIA

Bill Denton
What is a Hero? Poem

Rebecca L Mate
Live Music a story

J Bean Palmer
The Cape Cod Witch and the Pirate’s Treasure book

Miranda Baaska-Martin
The Curse Poem

Julia Scott-Douglas Author and
Book New and Reviews

Mary E Frye
Do not stand at my grave and weep

Patrick Nicklos Zara
Romance In a Very Short Story
"True Love and a cup of Coffee," "Romance and Death  in
the Afternoon," and The Serial Killer (Three Short stories
on one page)

Mary Jane Balyen stories
The Big Game
The Press Conference

Mary Sue Gamble story
Romance and the Miracle of Chocolate Cake

DESIGN OF ANY TYPE.  models, modeling, plants, acting, landscape, you name it! Also,
newly added are the categories of science theories, inventions or other physical science
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